Steps for Clutter-Free Kitchen Cabinets

It is very convenient for any homeowner to be able to move around without wasting a lot of time moving everything out of the way. When our kitchens start to house items that seem needed, it becomes difficult to organize because there is so much stuff that is stored especially in the kitchen cabinets. So here are some steps that can help you sort through your kitchen cabinets and find the things you need to store in them.

Steps for Clutter-Free Kitchen Cabinets

Check your storage capacity

 The first thing to do is assess the storage capacity of the cabinet you currently have at home. You can determine this by check the dimensions of your cabinets using a measuring tape. Measure as well the space available in the room some of your kitchen equipment or tools are placed. Once you have this information, you can figure out how many items you need in the storage cabinet and how many you can spare for now.

The more things you store in your cabinets without determining if they’re useable or not, will only take up space and add to clutter that should not be there in the first place.

Empty your counter and cabinets

 Whether you have a small or large kitchen, one of the first things that you should do is to clear out the entire contents of your counter and cabinets. Once your counter is empty, you can then start to clear out the rest of the kitchen. Get rid of any items in the cupboard that you aren’t using or that you are just getting used to having. For instance, if you have a lot of Tupperware products in your cupboard, you may want to get rid of all of them. You either use them to put other items in the house or simply give them away to those who might need them more.

Use cabinet organizers to place your kitchen items

Use cabinet organizers to place your kitchen items

 There are so many kitchen organizers available in malls and kitchen depots that can help your decluttering journey become easier. Once you are rid of the things you don’t use and are not essential in your kitchen, store your remaining items in the cupboards, counter, and cabinets using pull-out cabinets, vertical separators, or stacks and pull-out boxes.

You may arrange them according to their height, color, or function. Put label markers on containers that need labeling so that jars stored in the cabinets need not be opened now and then.

Practice mindfulness in the kitchen

 After finishing the decluttering in the kitchen, teach yourself and the people you live with within the home to be mindful of using things in the kitchen. Have rules in using items in the kitchen, a morning and evening “rituals” that will keep clutter under control.

Besides, it pays to be mindful of how things need to be used, cleaned, and stored before and after using them. This becomes a positive habit inside the kitchen but in the home as well. Always leave the kitchen and the home better than you found it.

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