Thematic Kitchen Ideas According to Your Personality

Designing a kitchen according to one’s style and comfort plays a vital role in making a functional yet cozy food preparation environment. In terms of function and comfort, people of different personalities see these two important factors from different perspectives. These can reflect in their choice of colors to paint their walls and cabinets with, the number of appliances you’ll see on their kitchen counters, their preferred lighting, the choice of materials in putting up the sink, and the list goes on.

However, people are now more aware of thematic kitchen designing ideas that suit their personalities, all thanks to the internet and the people behind psychology. Though there are 16 types of personalities known through the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, it can be rooted in the four main personalities or temperament: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic – to which we’ll categorize which kitchen theme might suit your personality best.

Minimalist and Modern Kitchens

Minimalist and Modern Kitchens

This type of kitchen theme is most chosen by choleric people whose lives are constantly changing and in a fast-paced setting. Kitchens that are sleek, clean, and organized help these natural-born leaders think and do more when they can turn kitchens into a productive work zone while having a good breakfast or a cup of coffee.

Neutral shades of color with a touch of blue are their usual choice to balance their ever-active nerves when exhausted. Soft indoor lighting and a provision of natural light from kitchen windows also help them relax. When it comes to appliances, choleric people only put the essential things on the counter like a coffee maker (if they need one.)

Scandinavian and Farmhouse Kitchens

A person who loves to host parties, family events and invite friends over is most probably a sanguine. People with this kind of personality naturally attract other people to them to brighten up one’s day. The Scandinavian and Farmhouse kitchen features bright open spaces, plenty of natural light, and large kitchen counters where they can move around freely or let people watch them prepare food for everyone suit this bubbly type of personality well.

They also like it when kitchen utensils, plates, appliances, and decors give a tinge of “sunny” and warm colors to send off a positive vibe to guests they do invite.

Rustic and Eclectic Kitchens

Rustic and Eclectic Kitchens

If you are creative, constantly curious, artistic, and thinker, you may find rustic and eclectic kitchens a safe place for all your musings. Melancholic people are introverts who love imagining things and are commonly known as dreamers. They feel good with small (not cramped) and cozy, clean spaces that create a sense of safety. They are also sentimental; melancholic people display art, collect trinkets, flowers, vases, and books even in the kitchen area.

They also tend to display kitchen items and appliances in an artistic and organized manner that other personalities might want to store away in cabinets.

Cottage and Traditional Kitchens

The cool, calm, and middle-of-the-road personality of phlegmatic people often leads them to choose cottage and traditional types of kitchens. They prefer incorporating wood that gives a tranquil effect and classic, practical, and time-tested appliances in kitchen layout and designs without forgetting to give space for plants and more plants.

They tend to move toward the traditional kitchen design because they are more comfortable with a functional and organized food preparation like granite countertops with simple but elegant lighting.

But, remember that regardless of your dominant personality, you can also consider other styles in designing your kitchen as these four personalities have a mix within us. You are free to explore and express yourself in kitchen designing.

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