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We’re making some HUGE changes to our showroom in Anaheim, CA and we are so excited to reveal the progress we’ve made so far. In addition to brand-new cabinetry and lustrous countertops, our kitchen makeover is beaming with a beautiful new tile backsplash courtesy of Anaheim Hills Tile Supply. Follow along with us today on the blog as we spotlight the style, color, and design of this stunning backsplash.

Joining us today on the blog is Joe Ribble, President/CEO from Anaheim Hills Tile Supply and a specialist when it comes to tile trends.

What exactly is this backsplash composed of?

“Hi Mr CabinetCare! Great to be here today. This stunning backsplash is a combination of premium Durango Travertine and gorgeous crackle glass mosaic. We begin from the countertop with a row of 3×6 tumbled Durango.  Next we have 3 rows of softly toned 1×2 crackle glass mosaic encased in 3/4×12 Durango dome liner followed by 4×4 tumbled Durango tilted on a 45 degree angle.”

“Framed as a centerpiece we’ve returned the 4×4 tumbled Durango to a 90 degree orientation and added 1×1 crackle glass accent dots to tie things together.”

How would you explain this backsplash design?

“This combination of textures as well as the timeless density of the premium Durango natural Travertine interwoven with the soft complexity of the crackle glass mosaic is a modern twist on a classic design – which is sure to please for many years to come.”

Thanks so much to Joe Ribble for offering his expertise and insight on our blog today. Check out our friends at AHTS for more backsplash design ideas.

To browse this beautiful tile trend in person, please feel free to stop by our newly remodeled showroom in Anaheim. (And be prepared to be inspired by other styles of backsplashes, cabinetry trends, countertops, and more!)

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