Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room


Sitting in front of the fireplace or television, reading a book while in bed, and enjoying a peaceful slumber are just some of the simplest rewards anyone can get after a long day of hard work. And where else can you do all those? Right inside your home.

Your home should be that one place where you and your loved ones can bask in a relaxing time and safe atmosphere.  This is where you can spend time with the most special people in your life. And one of the most effective ways to bond with your family is over a hearty meal right at the heart of your home– the dining room.

Your dining room is that one space in your home where you can share a good time with your family and friends as you indulge in cooking delicious meals and enjoy a lively conversation. And a beautiful and practical dining area will make this experience way sweeter and memorable.

That being said, here are some tips for decorating your dining room.

Dining Room

  • Choose the right table

Choosing the right table size is the first step to do when you are decorating your dining room. Wrong table size might result in either making your dining room less classy or eating up the space of your kitchen.

If your dining room is not huge and an open room, a round table is the best option. But if you are looking for a table that will allow you to execute a perfect table setting, you can go with a rectangular table. Just remember that the ideal table width is 1100 mm. This will let you place platters of food, table decorations, glassware, candles, and wine bottles while never sacrificing a great conversation experience with your loved ones. It can also make the area look more spacious.

  • Floral arrangements

Flowers and plants could be excellent decorations for a house as they can make houses feel homier. And aside from their visual appeal, flowers and plants could also be beneficial for your health. More often, these decorations are placed in the living rooms or bedrooms. But do you know that you can use plants or fresh flowers to take the visual appeal of your dining room a notch higher?

Your dining room gives you the best opportunity to make a real statement by placing a beautiful and well-made flower arrangement as your table centerpiece to a well-curated tablescape. Apart from this, you can also add plants on the corner or by the window of your dining area.

Light fixtures

  • Add a rug

Rugs have always been an essential part of interior design. Most of the time, designers tend to place a rug in the living area or bedrooms. However, rugs can also add beauty to your dining room. They are used to provide an accent to the table as they help take the design all the way to the floor. One rule, though, in placing a rug to accentuate your tables and chairs, you must remember that it should be 600mm wider than the table on all sides.

  • Light fixtures

If you have noticed, restaurants and fast-food diners have different light settings. And that roots to the lighting psychology. Lighting helps in setting the mood, tone, and ambiance of a room or place. This makes lighting one of the most crucial parts of decorating your dining room.

There are many choices of light fixtures available in the market. All you have to do is consider what design will go along with the overall layout of your dining area. Also, lots of designers recommend a dimmer switch so you can easily control the amount of light in your dining. This will allow you to establish what kind of ambiance you want.

  • Dining wall decor

You can either use paint, wallpaper, or a piece of artwork to spice up the walls of your dining room, but never leave it bare. Make your walls less boring by choosing the right paint that will blend with the theme of your dining area, or you can use wallpaper to make it pop out. Another thing you can do is put up a piece of artwork on your wall that will best represent your personality.

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