Tips for Organizing Kitchen Items from Your Drawer

May 7, 2022


Tips for Organizing Kitchen Items from Your Drawer

If you have a growing number of kitchen items, storing them can be quite tricky, as you have to prevent them from cluttering your cupboard drawers. Fortunately, here are some hacks that can make your drawers organized in no time!


First, you must de-clutter your drawer. Identify which items are no longer needed or are duplicates of things you already have. Donate them, if possible. Some may take up space, and you can put them elsewhere. Seasonal items can be placed in the garage or basement, while zones can organize the things you want to keep. Remember that the drawer organization process is best done by using basic organizing principles.

Wire baskets

You may have noticed that your junk drawer is a disaster zone. But don’t fret; there are easy ways to fix this problem. Wire baskets are perfect for your kitchen drawer. With these dividers, you can easily store and sort food packages. You can also purchase multiple organizers and place them in one large drawer. And don’t worry about space – wire baskets are lightweight and will not take up much room.

Stacking organizers

Stacking organizers can help you organize kitchen items from your drawer and maximize space. Different materials work best for different types of collecting things. Metal and stainless steel work best for dishes and flatware, while wooden and plastic are better for food packets and tinned goods. Plastic containers are ideal for dried foods, as they are easy to clean and maintain freshness. Glass containers are also helpful for dried foods and can be easily cleaned.


If you are looking for a solution for your disorganized kitchen drawer, you might consider buying dividers. These are small, plastic or bamboo inserts that you place inside the drawer to separate kitchen items. These dividers are useful for storing silverware, knives, spices, zip lock bags, and more. Dividers can also break up space in wide drawers. Tension dividers are an excellent option for separating odd-shaped items. If you don’t have a lot of space in your drawer, you can purchase individual plastic trays for each item or a larger plastic bin for dish towels.

Cutlery pockets

Whether you use a kitchen organizer or not, a cutlery pocket is an ideal way to keep your utensils neat and easily accessible. These versatile storage solutions come in various designs, from simple trays to fully functional drawers. The perfect organizer will help you organize your kitchen items in no time! Here are some of the best products to consider. These kitchen organizers are eco-friendly and built to last.

Relocating items you don’t use often

There’s no need to keep things you rarely use in your drawer. The key is to keep only the ones you’ll use daily. Then, put the rest on a high shelf in a pantry or hall closet. This will free up kitchen cabinet space for items you use frequently. And, remember: it’s a good idea to get rid of kitchen items you don’t often use, such as old knives and scrapers.

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