Tips on Making Your Kitchen Look Bigger – Infographic

So, you wanted your kitchen to look much bigger than before. If you feel like your kitchen has been too crowded lately, there is no need for a contractor right away. The appearance of a congested kitchen could come from a variety of reasons. And fortunately, there are several ways of giving your kitchen that ample vibe that makes your moving around more convenient.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, rest assured that these tips will surely work once you’ve implemented them properly:

Tips on Making Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Tip #1: Brighten up your kitchen

Darkness naturally limits visibility, which means that a dark and poorly lit kitchen tends to look smaller and confined. If you have windows around your kitchen, try to keep them open to allow sunlight to illuminate the space. You can use opaque-colored curtains in case you don’t like the idea of opening your windows.

In addition to sunlight, installing LEDs and exposed lighting can help make the cooking area appear airy. They can also provide elegance and are considered to be a practical choice compared to old fluorescent lights thanks to their capability to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Tip #2: Go for reflective surfaces           

Reflecting light is another simple way of giving your kitchen a spacious appearance. Here are some examples of choices that you can consider next time you avail a kitchen remodeling service:

  • Shiny floors
  • Glossy cabinets
  • Glass tiles
  • Glass backsplash
  • Stainless steel cabinets

Tip #3: Prefer a single sink

Many homes today opt for dual or triple-bowled sinks to bolster their kitchen work area’s functionality. However, it’s not a practical choice if you wanted a bigger kitchen. To save some space on your worktop, it’s better to select a single undermount sink instead.

Tip #4: Use integrated appliances

As the name suggests, integrated appliances are placed in a way that it fuses with the rest of your kitchen. With their ability to blend in seemingly occupied spaces, it gives the kitchen the necessary sleek and smooth look to make it appear wider.

Tip #5: Declutter your kitchen

Removing every clutter that you see can create a drastic impact on a room, especially a kitchen. A clean, and well-groomed kitchen can make every visitor feel more welcome and comfortable due to the uncluttered space. Take some time to clear your counters of any litter and don not let your small appliances to scatter around the counters. Instead, store them in an orderly way such as in the pantry of your lower cupboards.

Tip #6: Try open shelving

Open shelving is not only for the purpose of increasing your storage options, but it can also make additional space for your kitchen. Some cabinets can be converted into open shelves by simply removing the cabinet doors.

When it comes in augmenting the overall space of your kitchen, it’s all about limiting your consumption of space and improving the presence of light around the area. Try these tips and see how wide your kitchen could become!

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