Top Backsplash Materials for Your Choosing

Top Backsplash Materials for Your Choosing

Have you ever considered choosing the best backsplash material for your kitchen? If it’s your first time to avail a kitchen remodeling service, you should know how crucial your choice would be when it comes in selecting a suitable material for your backsplash.

Known as the focal point of the kitchen, backsplashes often capture the eyes of those who enter your cooking and dining area for the first time. Aside from providing a significant area of visibility, those panels are specifically made to protect your wall from splashes that could turn into unwanted stains.

To help you choose the best backsplash materials around, we’ve narrowed down the list for you!

Here are the top backsplash materials for your choosing:

Natural Stone Slabs

Regardless of whether it’s granite or marble, the color of natural stone slabs is pretty much ideal for backsplashes, as it gives a distinctive beauty that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

They can be bought for a wide range of prices, which will depend on the size that you want. Since they are more popular as countertop materials, choosing natural stone slabs as your backsplash material means that you’ll enjoy the same benefits such as excellent durability and dirt resistance.

Metal Panels

Do you want a professional-looking kitchen? Then you might want to try to install a metallic backsplash. A usual sight for most restaurant kitchens, metal panels can also be the right choice for those aiming to make their kitchens appear brighter and wider.

If you want to know the best tips on making your kitchen look bigger, check out this infographic here.

Backsplash Materials for Your Choosing

Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

One of the classic staples of traditional design, porcelain and ceramic tiles can work wonders in most vintage-style kitchens. Known for their versatility in terms of available sizes, shapes, and colors, these backsplash materials are also heat-resistant and can stand against water damages. You don’t even have to spend much time on cleaning due to their glossiness.

Exposed Brick

Adding texture on your kitchen isn’t a simple task. Fortunately, using exposed bricks as your backsplash can do just that. If you don’t prefer porcelain and ceramic tiles and still wanted to make your kitchen more traditional, this material is for you. With its rustic and historic look, exposed bricks can turn your kitchen back to the past centuries indeed.

Glass Panels

Speaking of contemporary, perhaps the leading backsplash material today is no other than glass. Its reflective surface is pretty much streamlined and easier to clean compared to other materials mentioned on this list. Many modern kitchen designers recommend glass panel backsplash because it helps in further highlighting the other colors present in kitchens such as the cabinets and countertops.


When choosing the best backsplash, consider your current kitchen design as well as your budget. Some backsplash materials can be budget-friendly, some are not. But the most important thing is that though your taste matters the most, it is also beneficial for you to seek the opinion and help of your kitchen remodeler.



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