Top Backsplash Trends of 2022

The backsplash trends of 2021 mainly focused on stone and steel materials, bright colors, and bold patterns that incorporate efficient cabinetry in kitchen cabinets and drawers. These 2021 trends came along with essential and efficient kitchen lighting trends that emphasize the overall beauty and function of the kitchen.

However, a noticeable transition has been happening through people’s choice of kitchen themes that might lead to the backsplash trends of the year 2022. So, here are some of the expected trends that might stay and develop for 2022.

Top Backsplash Trends of 2022


 For many homeowners, to use tiles as a kitchen backsplash is still a hit in 2022. With the help of today’s technology, the ceramic tiles of today are more resistant to stains and are no longer considered to be boring or plain. Many tile companies now produce tiles that with unconventional shapes, patterns, and finish to fit customer preference.

Tiles are still highly chosen as they are cheaper, easy to install (repair, when necessary,) and clean.


 Simple, clean, and light—that’s what the road of 2022 kitchen may be all about. While darker colors were the norm a decade ago, they have been replaced with lighter shades. At this point, people are looking for ways to bring out the best qualities of their countertops and appliances against a glass backsplash that is light, easy to install and clean. Glass backsplashes also add space by making it look airier as it reflects light and the space of and within the kitchen.



 If you are someone who saved up or has a budget of more than enough, you can do away with marbles or other natural stones like quartz and granite as a backsplash. With marbles as a backsplash, the focus on bringing out the unique characteristics of your kitchen cabinets is possible; this is because your cabinets and backsplash are often one of the focal points of your home. By designing your cabinets differently, you can add color and depth to your room using natural stones as a kitchen accent.

As many lean toward having a minimalist home, a backsplash that is clean looking, and will last for many years is what comes into mind. Plus, kitchens that have natural stones as part of their kitchen design has a greater chance for a good return of investment when one decides to sell their house in the future.

Stainless Steel

Going for a sleek modern kitchen theme? Then the stainless-steel backsplash is what might fit your modern style of living. Stainless-steel as backsplashes are known for its luster and high-end/ high-tech look minimalist look—easy to clean using non-abrasive materials, and can last long. Just like glass, stainless-steel backsplashes have the widening effect in a kitchen as it reflects the brightness of the room.

In addition, they can match with your stone or wood countertop materials that will impact the look, feel, and texture of your kitchen. For instance, if you choose stone for your counters, you will be creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

We hope that in this way, you are able to find ideas that will inspire and inform your kitchen remodel ideas and move forward with your own unique kitchen design. Feel free to contact us today at (714) 961-1900 or visit our website  Mr. Cabinet Care.

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