Ways of Hiding Your Kitchen Outlets

Ways of Hiding Your Kitchen Outlets

In every home, most of the largest and energy-hungry appliances are located in the kitchen. From the fridge, microwave, electric cookers, and light fixtures, there is no doubt that a kitchen must-have multiple electronic circuits in order to be efficient. While it’s not a bad decision to install many outlets around strategic places of your kitchen, it can sometimes become an obstruction in a kitchen remodeling project by ruining the uniformity of a particular design.

In case your kitchen outlets are getting in your way of achieving the right kitchen design that you want, there’s no need to get rid of them if you can hide your outlets using the following tips:

Keep Your Outlets inside Your Drawers

Since some of the most time-consuming tasks can only be accomplished in the kitchen, it is quite common for many people to charge their mobile phones and other similar devices right at any nearby outlet. This could look at any kitchen area cluttered and disorganized if your outlets are always loaded with charging wires coming from random items. One solution for preventing it from ruining the beauty of your kitchen is by setting up a power strip inside the drawers of your cupboards. That drawer can be an excellent kitchen charging station.

Paint them Up

If you put an outlet on any of your kitchen units, you can hide them by applying painted covers that can match the look of the kitchen cabinets, countertops, wall, etc. With new types of outlets that can be customized to satisfy the needs of modern customers, hiding some unwanted details in your kitchen through camouflage is now possible.

Use Pop-up Outlets

Pop-up outlets work best with any type of contemporary kitchen, due to its futuristic look. An excellent option for installing electrical wirings in the kitchen islands, pop-up outlets can be easily concealed in places where there is a wall nearby.

 Change Your Electrical Plates

Swapping your electrical plates with the same shade of the surface where your outlets were mounted on can be the cheapest method in this list since you can still do it without availing any home improvement service. A new electrical plate can make the outlets very hard to notice as its appearance blends with the material of its surrounding surface.

Final Thoughts

Proper positioning of your kitchen outlets is crucial for preventing any issues while redesigning a kitchen. However, thanks to the development of more sophisticated types of outlets that can be installed for enhancing kitchen design, hiding them in plain sight is now a lot easier.

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