What Are The Main Benefits of Quartz Countertops?

April 2, 2022


What are the Main Benefits of Quartz Countertops?

For decades, Formica was the countertop of choice for modern kitchens. It was easy to clean, didn’t chip, and was available in just about every color of the rainbow. But as homeowners become savvier and more concerned about not only the longevity of materials but also style, materials like quartz, granite, and marble entered the picture and became the must-have materials for today’s kitchen, no matter the style.

Quartz, in particular, has become a favorite with homeowners who want durability as well as a beautiful natural look for their countertops. As a matter of fact, quartz countertops are more popular than ever, and while you might not find them in bright Formica green, it is available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Why choose quartz over other materials?

There are plenty of reasons to select quartz rather than other popular countertop materials, but first, let’s look at the properties of quartz.

  • It’s durable – This natural stone is hard and can stand up to plenty of wear and tear, lasting for decades with the proper care.
  • No sealing required – Unlike granite, marble, and other popular countertop surfaces, quartz never has to be sealed and requires very little routine maintenance. That’s a huge money saver!
  • Scratch-resistant – Quartz countertops don’t scratch when encountering a knife or other tool that could do a lot of damage to other countertops.
  • Non-absorbent – Quartz is non-absorbent so it’s less likely to absorb harmful bacteria that can make your family sick. It doesn’t stain either!
  • It’s versatile – Quartz can match just about any style of kitchen, from something very stark and industrial to a light and breezy French Country-style room. Colors and patterns are plentiful and customers can choose their favorite from a host of options.

Quartz vs Granite

Granite is certainly a popular option for kitchen countertops these days, but there are a number of good reasons to pass on granite and opt for quartz. For example, quartz countertops are pretty much maintenance-free. No sealing is required nor will they need to be polished. Granite stains easily, unlike non-absorbent granite, which holds up to all sorts of liquids that would normally cause unsightly marks on your countertops. Finally, granite and other stones are difficult to fabricate for certain applications but quartz is very versatile.

Quartz vs Marble

Think of marble and you’ll conjure up pictures of museums and high-end homes with lots of shiny, white columns and statues. While it’s pretty and very ornate, marble really isn’t the best option for kitchen countertops.

Marble actually scratches and stains quite easily and is low on the durability scale in general. Like granite, it absorbs liquids and holds bacteria, making it a harbinger of diseases that might make your family ill. You’ll also need to watch out for acidic foods like lemons and limes. They can actually cause etching in the marble when they interact with the countertop surface.

Quart vs Concrete

Concrete has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops of the 21st century. It’s especially popular with minimalist and industrial styles and can look very clean and stark. But concrete is not a durable, natural stone like quartz. It’s a mixture of sand, water, and cement and is extremely porous and prone to staining. They are heavy and difficult to install, even for professionals. In contrast, quartz installation is quick and easy when done by professionals. Sealing is also required for concrete countertops and there aren’t many variants in color and no interesting designs.

Quartz vs Soapstone

While not as popular as quartz or granite, soapstone countertops have become trendy in the last several years. But just like concrete and granite, they scratch and etch easily and must be oiled regularly to maintain their appearance. In addition, they tend to darken over time and in several years may look quite different from the soapstone countertops you first fell in love with while remodeling your kitchen.

So, if you’re looking for versatility, durability, and ease of care, quartz countertops are a logical choice for your kitchen renovation. Whether you’re looking for shimmer and sparkle or something more matte and subdued, Mr. Cabinet Care has a vast selection of quartz for you to peruse. Just give us a call at 714-961-1900 to learn more about countertop choices for your dream kitchen.

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