What does a Kitchen Cabinet Designer Do?

What does a Kitchen Cabinet Designer Do?

Those who have an eye for design can train for a variety of different jobs in their field. Some of those individuals choose to specialize in kitchens and decide to be a kitchen cabinet designer.

So, what responsibilities does a kitchen cabinet designer have and what do they need to do to learn to do their job correctly and efficiently?

Often, a cabinet designer has an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in interior design, but not always. Sometimes, they are simply creative individuals that have a keen interest in art and design. Such a background can be very useful for those who want to enter this field.

Designers that work for a kitchen cabinet company should have a good eye for detail as well as some drafting and layout skills. Usually, the company for which the individual works uses certain design-related computer programs that the designer will need to become familiar with to do their job.

Kitchen designer responsibilities

Simply put, a kitchen designer develops and creates designs for kitchen layouts for his/her clients. These might be for a brand-new kitchen or for a remodeled space. Regardless, the responsibilities are similar.

A kitchen designer is responsible for the installation of cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances and other equipment, and more. Ahead of doing this, they will have created a plan that not only shows all the elements but that also recommends a timeline for the project at hand. It is their job to make certain that everything is in place where it belongs and that everything is functional and efficient. They also concern themselves with price and cost-effectiveness.

Kitchen designers also work with subcontractors to make sure jobs are done completely and to the satisfaction of the customer. These subcontractors might include electricians, painters, and plumbers, all of whom have an important role to play in the design of a kitchen remodel.

Sometimes kitchen cabinet designers delve into aesthetics, too. They might discuss with the client subjects such as choosing the right complementary furniture for the kitchen (such as a dining table), selecting suitable lighting, or even give tips about other accessories for the kitchen such as artwork and tableware.

Are kitchen cabinet designers licensed?

The best kitchen designers are those who have earned some sort of certification from a trade association. For example, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) offers a number of different designations for which the designer can strive.

An individual with at least two years of design experience, 30 hours of coursework, two professional endorsements, and who has successfully completed an exam, can earn the title of Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer. The NKBA offers a higher certification as well – the Certified Kitchen Designer ® – which requires at least seven years of design experience as well as additional coursework and more testing. Those who earn this title have accrued a wealth of experience in their industry.

Similarly, the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) offers licensing for kitchen cabinet designers and other similar professions. To be eligible for their exam, the NCIDQ looks for six years of interior design education and work experience combined before individuals can sign up for the test. The NCIDQ also has continuing education requirements that must be met for the designer to keep their license active, which means that those who hold this certification are constantly learning about new trends and technologies in their industry.

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