What is Cabinet Refinishing?

What is Cabinet Refinishing?

If your cabinets are looking scuffed, faded, or just a bit dated, you might already be considering a change. But there’s probably some hesitation as well – after all, remodels can be pricey. Here’s some good news: cabinet refinishing could be all you to bring back a fresh and sharp look to your kitchen.

Cabinet refinishing is simply a deep cleaning and re-staining of your existing cabinet faces. With this one-day, zero-hassle service, we can restore the original luster and sheen that you remember so well.

How Cabinet Refinishing Works

It all starts with a thorough cleaning, which includes mineral solvents and steel wool.  You might be surprised at how much grease and grime can build up on cabinets over the years, especially on those closest to the stove and other splatter-prone food preparations areas.

Next, we carefully re-stain your cabinets, making sure to match the original tone as best as possible. We will apply the stain to all the doors, drawer fronts, moldings and cabinet structure.

Finally, after the stain has had time to soak in and dry, a healthy coat of Varathane finish is applied to the entire surface. This helps to seal and protect your new stain, keeping it looking great for years to come. So plan a fun day out, and come back home to a revamped kitchen space – it really is that easy!

Does cabinet refinishing sound like the right choice for your kitchen? Mr. Cabinet Care is happy to help! Give us a call today at (714) 961-1900, or use our online contact form.

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