5 Kitchen Features to Consider in 2021

kitchen features - coffee bar

The start of the year 2021 is so far a promising year for the kitchen remodeling industry. Despite the economic turmoil brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, many kitchen remodeling companies in Huntington Beach managed to survive as more people spend most of their time at home. According to a survey from HUNTER, there is an ongoing surge in the number of American people that developed a keen interest in cooking. Out of all the 1,005 Americans who participated in the poll, 54% reported that they cooked more during the pandemic.

Frequent cooking requires skills, as well as adequate equipment and a dedicated area in order to prepare tasty meals. Since cooking has become a household trend, people will start relying on their kitchens more than before. This can result in higher demand for products with innovative features that can help increase the kitchen’s overall functionality.

If you are planning for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project, check out the following features that might just become popular in 2021:

Coffee Bar

Coffee lovers can now turn their kitchen into a comfortable haven for relaxation by setting up a mini coffee bar, preferably around the cabinet and countertop area. You can put your mini coffee bar in any suitable place in your kitchen and invest in a high-quality espresso machine and a storage solution that will host most of your coffee essentials.

Deep Drawers

Some homeowners might have invested a lot in their cooking equipment that their current kitchen storage is now nearing its full capacity. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers tried to provide a solution by introducing deeper drawers capable of holding more kitchen items, especially the larger ones like cooking pots and pans.

Internal Drawer Dividers

More cooking means more tools for preparing the ingredients, and more tools mean more demand for storage. In case you are having a bit of trouble organizing your cooking equipment, it will be easier to keep them on your drawers with internal dividers. There are a number of custom cabinets with built-in drawer dividers, so consider this feature for a less cluttered storage solution.

kitchen features - internal drawer dividers

Pot Filler

Pot fillers make it convenient for you to fill your large pots with water without lifting them to a nearby stove. Another reason that makes pot filler an attractive feature is that this sophisticated faucet accessory can add up to the aesthetics of your entire kitchen design.

Double Ovens

Make your kitchen more professional by installing a double oven. If you do both baking and cooking, having two ovens can prove to be pretty handy. Go for integrating the ovens with your other kitchen units and see how much they can save space!

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