L-shape Kitchen

Perfect for Medium Sized Kitchens

Convenient for small to medium-sized homes, the L-shape kitchen conjoins two adjacent countertops to form an L design. This versatile layout offers homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel or new kitchen install the promise of open design while maximizing space.

By utilizing two walls, this easy-to use design usually incorporates must-have appliances like storage cabinets, an oven range, a dishwasher, etc. to make it more functional for the cook. Another advantage of using two walls is a potential for more storage, with both upper and lower cabinets built on each wall.

For those who are interested in hosting parties or using their kitchen as a place to gather with friends and family,

it’s a great idea to add an island. This allows for convenient food prep, added storage, and a means to invite the cook into the conversation so their back won’t be turned while preparing dinner.

In addition to convenience, L-shape kitchens usually open up to a dining or living room, which creates an open design flow.

So in summary, if you like wide open, airy spaces, the L-shape kitchen is a great choice for you.

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