Kitchen Colors That Give Positive Energy


Colors are often one of the factors that affect a person’s behavior and mood. And if you are in the kitchen, giving your cooking space some positive vibes can help you prepare delicious meals. Here are some of the colors that you can consider integrating into your kitchen design the next time you hire a kitchen remodeling contractor:


Purple is a color associated with emotionality, deep spirituality, delicacy, and harmony. People with this color scheme are often born leaders, and their homes should be cheerful and large. It also stimulates the south sector, which is associated with money. The combination of yin and yang energies makes purple an excellent choice for a kitchen.

Gold and Red

If you want to make your kitchen look beautiful, try combining gold and reds. These colors go well with any style, including vintage or modern. For instance, a kitchen in turquoise has accents of red and gold to give the room a sophisticated look. While red and gold coordinate well with most colors, they are especially pleasing when paired together. You can even switch out one of these colors for another color you love!


Green is a good color for your kitchen because it brings a sense of freshness and balance. The element of wood, green, is associated with family, health, and career. There are two types of green: avocado green and mint green. Both colors have different psychological effects, and you can choose either of them. If you have hardwood floors, select avocado green.

Sky blue

Consider sky blue if you’re in the market for a new paint color for your kitchen. This color emanates the highest feng shui energy, so it’s a good choice for cooler climates. In a North Bagua kitchen, the presence of sky blue can bring positive energy to your career. It also coordinates well with other colors, including earth tones and neutrals.


If you are planning to redesign your kitchen, you should go for a neutral color like white. This is considered to be soothing, welcoming, and a good color choice for the kitchen. Having positive energy in the most important room of your home is certainly a good idea.


The color green is associated with wealth and abundance. It evokes thoughts of springtime and nature, and its natural hue promotes creativity. Green also helps the body and mind heal through its autonomic powers. Dark green, on the other hand, promotes balance. In addition, green kitchen cabinets are conducive to attracting prosperity and abundance. Incorporating live plants into your kitchen decor is a great way to add life to this earthy color.


Adding a splash of silver to the kitchen can help you feel uplifted and inspired. Despite its cool, sophisticated look, silver is a traditional color with ancient associations. It is associated with luxury, jewelry, and treasure. It is also an excellent choice for the modern kitchen.

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