3 Reasons Why you Should use an Appliance Garage

3 reasons why you should use an appliance garage

itchen appliances are a necessity in any kitchen. They make food preparation tasks easier and faster. However, not everyone allots a particular space for them and usually store them on the counter after purchase. As a result, the counter looks stuffy and messy – definitely not a conducive place for cooking.

If you’re tired of your workspace looking all crowded and cluttered, why not try using an appliance garage instead? Having that said, here are three reasons why you should use one for your kitchen:

To create more elbow room

In the kitchen, there is a 3×4 rule applied to countertops. If you haven’t heard of it, here it is: You need three separate counters, and they should be about four feet long in order to make room for your three cooking phases: preparation, cooking, and piling up the dirty dishes (because piling them in your sink will make it difficult for you to wash your hands, etc.)

Now, moving on to the real deal, you might be following this rule and have a large counter, but chances are it’s also occupied by your kitchen appliances. In short, it’s no use at all ̶ your counter is still crowded. So, why not store them in an appliance garage instead?

Storing your small kitchen appliances inside an appliance garage won’t only make your counter a comfortable workspace wherein you can move easily, it’ll also make your kitchen look neat and easy on the eyes.

Why you should use an appliance garage

To keep your appliances handy

Earlier, it was discussed that kitchen appliances shouldn’t be kept lying around the counter, which might’ve had you thinking ‘should I store it in my basement?’

The answer is no. If you would do that, you may save counter space and money because you don’t need an appliance garage anymore but imagine yourself running to your basement every time you need to use something. What a hassle right?

Enough said, using an appliance garage will help you get the best of both worlds ̶  a spacious counter and appliances that are within reach.

To extend the life of your appliances

Another disadvantage of using your basement as an alternative for an appliance garage is that bugs love basements, and they might infest your appliances, Yikes!

Although it sounds gross, it’s an important topic to discuss because insects, especially small roaches, usually hide inside appliances and leave egg cases and droppings on appliance motors, which might lead to its damage.

On the other hand, if you will store them in an appliance garage, you’ll be able to ensure that they’re free from dust, insects, and any other element that might shorten its lifespan.

Kitchen appliances may not be that expensive, but they still cost you some money. All the more if you need to replace them with new ones every now and then, that’s why it’s better to maintain them instead. Store them properly and see how you’ll be able to prolong their usage. Install an appliance garage with us today! Contact us at (714) 961-1900.

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