DURACORE Cabinetry

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Made Just For Your Home

Duracore custom kitchen cabinets are custom made to fit any kitchen and will maximize storage space and functionality.

Duracore Cabinetry has over 100 door styles and are available in both frameless and framed cabinet systems and comes in a variety of materials such as Thermofoil, Cherry, Beech, Alder, Maple, and Oak.

When it comes to the color of the cabinets the options are truly endless, from whites, grays, espressos and mocha colors, custom stains, and paint colors, you are sure to find the kitchen of your dreams.


Custom-Made Cabinets with DURACORE & Mr. Cabinet Care

Our cabinet experts make each piece of DURACORE Cabinetry™ right here in beautiful Southern California. We take it upon ourselves to make this cabinetry with our own hands to assure it is of the highest possible quality in terms of form as well as function. Whether you are looking for an entire kitchen remodel or a cabinet refacing project, lean on our team to install some gorgeous DURACORE Cabinetry™ and you will be absolutely ecstatic with the results. These cabinets are hand-crafted and designed according to the unique specifications of your kitchen as well as your specific desires.

Each DURACORE cabinet is provided with absolutely no risk thanks to the backing of our 20 year all-inclusive warranty. Tell us exactly what you are looking for in your new cabinets and we will get right to work making them from raw materials right here in our 24,000 square foot facility. We are located in Anaheim so there is no need to worry about whether your cabinets will be damaged when transported from the warehouse floor to your home.

Each of our cabinets is made to perfection. It is all a part of our mission to provide customers with cabinets that outperform the industry’s standard in every way possible. From aesthetic beauty to functionality and lifespan, our DURACORE cabinets are superior to the competition.

DURACORE Cabinetry™ Design

DURACORE cabinets are unique in terms of build as well as overall quality. These are the strongest and deepest cabinets around. While other cabinets tend to fall in the thickness range of 3/8” to 1/2”, DURACORE cabinets have sleek girth of 3/4”. This thickness extends across the back, top, bottom and ends. You won't find a sturdier cabinet on the planet.

Each DURACORE cabinet can be constructed with or without a frame. Take a look at examples of each and you will find that both are beautiful in their own respects. Check out one of our top-sellers, the European frameless cabinet line known as “Infinity Cabinetry” and you will immediately fall in love. Each Infinity cabinet is available in an array of painted finishes, thermofoil, and stained woods. This truly is the missing piece your kitchen needs.

DURACORE Cabinetry™ Design
DURACORE Cabinetry™ Design
DURACORE Cabinetry™ Design

The DURACORE Difference

The interior of DURACORE cabinets features vinyl laminate. The purpose of using this material on the interior plywood is to make the cabinet that much more durable. Vinyl laminate is superior to melamine and paint when it comes to longevity and maintenance concerns.

Each DURACORE cabinet is water resistant and made with splinter-free wood to boot. Let our cabinet experts install these beauties in your home and you will find that they are incredibly easy to keep clean and functional across the long haul.

Get Custom Cabinetry in Southern California with Mr. Cabinet Care

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