4 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Sink Smells Bad

4 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Sink Smells Bad

Have you noticed some weird smells coming from your kitchen sink lately? As the primary area designed to provide an appropriate space for some of the most laborious kitchen tasks that often require ample supply of water, kitchen sinks tend to be messy indeed.

Just imagine all the random food debris and grease that regularly fill its drain which can quickly turn the sink into an ideal place for accumulating various species of bacteria. Such microorganisms are the ones responsible as to why undesirable smells linger around sink areas that are left uncleaned for quite some time.

However, there are other reasons that most household owners aren’t aware about. If you’re one of those who still can’t solve the issue by merely cleaning the sink, the solution probably lies by identifying other possible root causes. Here are some of them:


One reason for a smelly sink is no different than a clogged plumbing vent. If your plumbing vent is clogged, get rid of any obstructions such as a bird’s nest as soon as possible. To avoid your plumbing vent to be blocked again, it’s better to invest in some high-quality screens.

No Drain Trap

To prevent bacteria from infesting your sink, it’s highly beneficial to install a suitable drain trap.

A drain trap is a curved portion of the pipe under the sink that is used for retaining a small amount of water every time the sink drains. This helps the drain itself to block the sewer gases from escaping the drain and entering your kitchen. It is highly recommended to find a professional plumber who can install a suitable drain trap for your kitchen.

4 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Sink Smells Bad

Unused Drain

Kitchen sinks that have been unused in a while can prompt the water from the drain trap to evaporate allowing the trapped sewer gases from spreading into your home. The best option you have in this scenario is to occasionally run some water in your sink to refill the trap and eliminate the smell at the same time.

Neglected Garbage Disposal

In addition to a blocked pipe vent, leaving the blades of your garbage disposal device filled with scraps of food can create a moldy or rotting smell in your kitchen. You should regularly run water over your garbage disposal after using, specifically 30 seconds after it finished making some grinding noises.


Final Thoughts

Your sink is the “workhorse” of the kitchen. Remember that no matter how good-looking your kitchen might be, a stinky smell could ruin its overall beauty if you don’t spend some time maintaining its cleanliness and functionality.


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