5 Best Color Suggestions to Paint Your Kitchen


Best Color Suggestions to Paint Your Kitchen

Selecting the most appropriate paint color for your kitchen design can become a pretty time-consuming task. Simply looking at the long list of possible shades is already a challenge especially if you’re personally not into art. Fortunately, there are several rules anyone can apply when it comes to picking a color that works best for a specific room in which in this case, the kitchen.

Colors can have different effects on the viewer. One example is the way how a room can be perceived in terms of size, coziness, organization, etc. Understanding this fact can help you provide a sense of identity to your kitchen.

Below are five of the best colors that we can suggest for almost any kind of kitchen design.

1. White

Painting your kitchen with white can make it look bigger than its actual size. Combined with white-colored kitchen units such as white counter, white cabinets, backsplashes, and ceiling, it could help bring a sense of elegance to your kitchen like never before. You can also opt for more modern design by installing stainless-steel cone pendant lights!

2. Light Yellow

A highly versatile color for kitchens, a splash of toned-down yellow on the walls can be quite relaxing to the eyes. It has a distinctive look that complements well with wooden kitchen cabinet units like oak, maple, birch, and ash. Light yellow also shares similar properties and characteristics of white since it can reflect light, giving that brighter look for your kitchen.


3. Blue

Blue can be a highly intriguing color to be suggested for a kitchen, but one thing that makes it an ideal choice is that it gives off a vintage appeal. Choosing the right tone of blue is the right ingredient in having a retro kitchen, cottage style!

4. Light Brown

Aiming for a traditional farmhouse kitchen? Then a brown-colored paint is something that you need. Lighter shades of brown can be perceived as a symbol of the earth or soil, which is an essential element in farming. In case you have a set of cabinets with darker shades of brown, opting for vibrant brownish paints might just complete the desired farmhouse kitchen look.

Best Color Suggestions to Paint Your Kitchen

5. Red

The color red signifies courage and leadership, traits that not all people possess. Which means a red kitchen is not for everyone. Nonetheless, painting your kitchen red can be a daring job to do, but once successfully made can add up some spark and spice to the overall design. Another advantage of red kitchens is that they are believed to stimulate the appetite, which significantly improves the dining experience.


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