5 Practical Ways to Organize Stuff in Your Kitchen – Infographic

Some of the most important household chores are usually done in one specific area in your house-the kitchen. From cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning the fridge, you name it. Kitchens can become one busy workplace indeed. That is the main reason why it’s also the place where things can easily get disorganized. This could result in a wide array of problems such as further hindering your daily kitchen tasks.

Lucky for you, saving your kitchen from complete disaster doesn’t need to be an arduous undertaking. In case you are experiencing this kind of dilemma, here are five of the most practical ways you can do right now to sort out all of those stuff found in your kitchen.5 Practical Ways to Organize Stuff in Your Kitchen - Infographic


  • Assigning work zones for each area.

Before organizing all of the things in your kitchen, you must assign specific work zones for each area first. These could help you later when determining the optimal storage for utensils, cooking pans, plates, cups, glasses, etc. In case you can’t decide as to how you can properly divide your kitchen into work zones, try applying the concept of the “kitchen work triangle.” This is by positioning the work zones into a triangular layout between the cook top, sink and refrigerator. This normally helps in cooking faster since it enables the cook to prepare the food with all of the needed resources in close proximity.


  • Grouping all objects according to purpose and putting them in designated places.

It highly advisable to put most of your often-used things like bench scrapes, can openers, spatulas, tongs, and knives to a place where you can easily see them. Just make sure to keep those knives and other sharp objects out of children’s reach. On the other hand, you can store most of your less used tools in the kitchen cabinet.


  • Utilizing the Hanging area.

Instead of letting your aprons and pot holders lying around, hang them all up in an orderly fashion. Also, if you’re going to set up a hanging area in your kitchen, always keep a tab on its location and distance from the stove to avoid catching fire.


  • Maximizing the use of space in your kitchen cabinet.

Having a rough idea about the size of your cabinet can help maximize the use of its space. Try using a tape measure and divide the shelves using a shelf liner. Shelf liners can provide multiple storage spaces for each shelf.  You can also use shelf risers so you can fit two casserole dishes, large plates, or baking pans in one place.

Additional trick: Not enough space in your hanging area? Use the cabinet door to hang other utensils by installing hooks on it.


  • Storing the foods properly.

Knowing which food or ingredient should go to the fridge or pantry is an integral part of having an organized kitchen. By storing them all properly, you waste less food as well as it can let you know whether if you are already running out of something before going to the grocery store.

Organizing your kitchen can help you in a variety of ways. Not only it can save up a lot of time and space, but it can also make your kitchen work a lot more stress-free!

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