5 Tips for a Gorgeous Galley Kitchen – Infographic

A well-designed layout plays a vital role in the success of any kitchen remodeling project. Proper positioning and arrangement of units within a specific space can significantly enhance both the look and functionality of the kitchen area. Speaking about different kitchen layouts, one of the most notable examples that can be commonly seen in many households today is the galley kitchen.

A galley kitchen can be made by forming two parallel runs of units, separated by a long corridor to accommodate movements while performing specific tasks. It was known as “galley,” due to its similarity with the kitchens found in ships or aircraft.

Smaller households are most suitable for designing galley kitchens. The compact positioning of every kitchen unit saves a lot of space while maximizing the availability of storage.

If you are about to consider having a galley kitchen for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, here are some of the tips that you need to know:

5 Tips for a Gorgeous Galley Kitchen

Consider the Distance Between the Sink and Cooktop

Placing the sink and cooktop adjacent to each other is fine, as long as there is a considerable distance between the two units. A galley kitchen must have at a wall length of around 12 feet so that the sink and cooktop can be at least 3 feet apart. This is primarily for safety purposes since electric cooktops must have a safe distance from any sources of water.

Go for a Closed-off Kitchen Wall

Moving around the middle corridor can be quite tricky if your galley kitchen is open on both ends. Having a single entrance is much better since it provides everyone the awareness of where others can come and go, reducing the chances of accidents like bumping into each other. This can be achieved by creating a closed-off wall on one end.

Establish a More Sociable Kitchen

Given that you still have enough space in your corridor, try installing a kitchen island with some chairs to create a more pleasant environment. Aside from serving an area to interact with your family and guests, you can also use the island as an additional surface for meal preparation.

Try Open-Shelving

Preventing the kitchen to look so small because of the corridor is a challenge for those who are opting for a galley kitchen. However, the trick for making the corridor area look a bit more open by using open shelves on the upper wall instead of cabinets. Open shelves are an efficient space-saving alternative to conventional cabinets and are also known for giving ease of access to some kitchen tools.

Have an Assessment of Your Space

While galley kitchens are best to be applied in smaller rooms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be compatible with medium-sized kitchens. Just remember that the two parallel runs of units won’t be too far away from each other to avoid losing efficiency.

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