5 Ways of Adding Turquoise in Your Kitchen

5 Ways of Adding Turquoise in Your Kitchen

Designing your kitchen with turquoise is something that not all modern homeowners do. Since most of the kitchen styles today are dominated by the neutral shades and hues that can be found in the color wheel, only a few will notice the benefits of using turquoise.

Turquoise kitchens have once become a popular trend, especially during the 1950s, making them one of the prime examples of vintage style. Applying turquoise as a part of your kitchen design is a great method of highlighting specific areas since its uniqueness can easily catch anyone’s attention. What’s even more interesting about this color is that it doesn’t require a complex layout or positioning of kitchen units to look beautiful.

If you are looking for a color that is distinctive enough and easy to design, perhaps trying to have your kitchen painted with turquoise is a good idea for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project. Here are some of the best ways of adding such color to your kitchen:


When paired with wooden flooring and neutral-colored kitchen appliances, turquoise can look excellent on your cupboards. You can either repaint them or seek a kitchen cabinet refacing service to give your cabinets a new look.


The bright and relaxing appearance of turquoise is an excellent way to invite more light inside your kitchen. Try to find some turquoise curtains to decorate your windows and see how it can help a lot in illuminating the darkest area of your kitchen.

Turquoise Kitchen


Despite being considered as smaller details within every available kitchen design, being consistent with the theme of your accessories can create a significant effect on the overall aesthetics of a large area. Imagine the view of having turquoise utensils, vases, and oven mitts located around strategic places of your kitchen. These tools can still serve as valuable decorations, even when you are not using them at all!


Turquoise can be an ideal candidate when trying to find an appropriate color for your accent wall. Assuming that you have a lot of wall space, vibrant colors like turquoise can make an attractive accent wall. On the other hand, you can still use turquoise even if you have a limited amount of space in your kitchen by covering the entire wall with the same color.


There’s no better way of enhancing the beauty of your backsplashes by choosing a color that is highly appealing and unique at the same time. Regardless of what type of tile pattern you prefer, turquoise is a flexible backsplash color that is compatible with the surrounding kitchen units like the sink and stove.

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