6 Kitchen Ideas That You Can Learn From Restaurant Kitchens

Kitchen Ideas That You Can Learn From Restaurant Kitchens

With hundreds of customers visiting every day, it is no doubt that restaurant kitchens must always maintain their functionality. From the equipment, layout design, etc., these kinds of cuisines are often perceived as very versatile and ideal for any homeowner who wish to upgrade their daily cooking routines.

Restaurant kitchens are also portrayed as excellent settings for most food-related movies and TV shows today. This makes them a highly sought-after style especially for aspiring chefs or culinary enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, you surely wanted to turn your old kitchen into something professional, don’t you?

This article will share some of the best kitchen ideas that you can learn from restaurant kitchens:

Open Shelving

French restaurants often give emphasis on the overall accessibility of their utensils, so they make good use of their cabinetry. An open shelf cabinet is a usual sight amongst French bistros, due to the convenience it brings in making every item they need easy to reach at any given moment.

When organizing plates, stack them accordingly based on how frequent you use the. You can make your open shelving more professional by installing accessories such as pepper shakers.

Classic White Subway Tile

White subway tiles are the main attraction of most American kitchens in the past. While it can be considered as a classical design, putting white tiles from the floor to the ceiling makes a perfect kitchen that looks comforting yet professional.

Classic White Subway Tile

Professional worktable

If you will let your kitchen ass up a single professional worktable, you will basically have a kitchen suitable for a small eatery. Professional worktable comes up with a worktop, peninsula and eat-in surface which compliments nicely with a vent hood.

Rolling butcher block cart

Butcher blocks are another ideal choice if your kitchen has enough metallic design into it. Positioning the block cart next to the range is a good idea. It helps immediate access whenever there’s a food prep task that needs to be done.

You can put any of your heavily used kitchen items like pans and pots in case there’s no available space in the cabinets anymore.

Utensil rack

Are you looking forward to show-off your diverse collection of kitchen utensils? Then it’s time to install a utensil rack. You can opt for a utilitarian utensil rods to exhibit your prized cooking equipment while keeping them easy to access at the same time.

Service door

Converting your home kitchen into a professional one requires an area that can introduce its beauty to future guests. Such a role can only be fulfilled with an appropriate door. Try putting a service door with a porthole window between your kitchen and pantry or dining area to create a seemingly “authorized personnel only” room.

Even home kitchens today can integrate several restaurant kitchen ideas that can help optimize most kitchen chores especially food preparation. Take heed of these ideas and see for yourself!

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