Tile & Lighting

Mr. Cabinet Care Lighting & Tile Services

At Mr. Cabinet Care, we’re firm believers that a little bit of lighting goes a long way in the home. From under cabinet lighting, to hanging pendants and everything in between, we have many options for homeowners to illuminate their space and add ambiance to any room.

Nothing says sophistication more than kitchen lighting – it brightens the space, creates the ambiance of the room, and aids the cook when reading dinner recipes. Adding subtle lighting under your cabinets with our efficient LED strip lighting is a great enhancement to your kitchen. Strip lights offer more versatility because they are adjustable in design which is helpful if you’re interested in highlighting a focal point in your kitchen, like a beautiful tile backsplash or to spotlight dishes displayed behind glass cabinetry. In addition to targeted lighting, LEDs are a popular, energy efficient choice to update old fluorescent lights. Allow our friendly installers at Mr. Cabinet Care to transform your kitchen by installing brand-new LED lights.

Recessed lighting has some advantages that make it a great choice for your next lighting installation. The lighting is unobtrusive and is an effective way to light your whole space or just have a few focused lights to enhance certain areas of your design. Adding dimmers to these lights allows you to control the intensity of your lighting and helps create the right ambiance. Our design consultants can offer lighting solutions for existing florescent lights, flat ceiling, or updating lightboxes with stylish moldings.

We’re seeing a trend with beautiful, exposed lighting.  Many homeowners love the look of hanging pendant lights to enhance the elegance of their kitchen. A pendant light is a single fixture that hangs from the ceiling by a chain or metal rod. It can be used as a single fixture or hung in multiple sets to add a decorative element to your home. Pendant lights come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. So no matter if you are going for modern and sleek or traditional elegance, pendant lighting is a great option to add character to your kitchen.

Tile adds versatility to any room design – from kitchen floors to a backsplash, and from high-end to budget-friendly designs, your possibilities are endless. Our design consultants will help you pick the material and design that best suits you.