Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

January 25, 2018

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Over the years, modern home and kitchen design has moved further and further away from what you might call established norms. We still see many terms in use today, of course, such as a “modern” or “rustic” kitchen. These still hold meaning. But they’re also far more malleable as the emphasis has shifted from conforming ideas to free-flow design and the importance of homeowner personality.

This shift is liberating for many of us, but it can be somewhat overwhelming as well. Are you struggling to decide on a kitchen cabinet design or having a hard time nailing down what fits you and your needs best for your upcoming kitchen remodel? That’s where experts like those at Mr. Cabinet Care can shine. Follow along while we discuss a few of our favorites and see if they don’t inspire you!

Simplicity and Focus with Pure White Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

While few homeowners opt for the old opulent white kitchen all the way through, choosing white custom cabinets can offer you a very attractive, clean, and bright kitchen space that allows you to focus on other areas. White cabinets do best playing support to other more dynamic designs in a kitchen space, like focusing on color through backsplashes or interesting countertops.

Accented Wood Cabinet Design

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Wood is one of your more malleable kitchen cabinet options. With many wood types, grains, and stains, there’s an option to suit any kitchen, whether it be rustic, modern, or contemporary. But for a more interesting take on traditional wood cabinets, our design experts like glass doors or fronts, or glass accenting. It’s a great way to add some luxurious appeal and create a feeling of more space in smaller home kitchens.

Minimalistic and Contemporary Materials

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Deep, rich wood tones or blackening on cabinets can create a very sleek appeal that is suitable for contemporary kitchens.  This look is often loved by homeowners who do a lot of cooking, since the dark tones suit the more industrial appliances often used in modern kitchens, are easier to keep clean, and play very nicely with quartz or granite countertops.

For More Functional Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Kitchen cabinets are very important to your space as a source of storage, but they needn’t always hide away your appliances and kitchen knick-knacks. For a very homey and neat looking kitchen space open or open-faced cabinets can be proposed for a variety of uses. From a place for beloved cookbooks to collect, to an ideal space to show off your favorite family china, open cabinets have a role to play in many kitchen designs.

Seeking Comfortable Elegance

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Sometimes your kitchen cabinets might not play such a vital role in the overall design of your space. Often homeowners want something that just fits well, or something of a high quality that can complement and add to a space without making much of a statement. In these situations our experts like to recommend shaker-style cabinets and grooved cabinets that use a rich, high quality wood like cherry or mahogany for a luxurious look that doesn’t speak too loudly.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design with Mr. Cabinet Care

Our experts are dedicated to helping you build the kitchen of your dreams. Do you want to make a modern, functional kitchen? An inviting and rustic country kitchen? Or maybe a blend of them both. No matter your goals or interests, our teams are ready to help. We’ve been leaders in custom cabinet design as well as kitchen and bath for decades! Contact a cabinet designer today to find out more.

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