Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Check Out Our Best Tips For Traditional Kitchen Design.

Ever wonder what defines a “traditional kitchen”? The term is a bit open-ended, but usually describes a kitchen that’s elegant, warm, and outdoors-y, with elements taken from 18th-20th century English and French design. Ever popular in America, this style is a timeless classic.

1) Glass-front Cabinets

In traditional kitchens, ornamentation is key. Glass-front cabinets make it easy to show off plate-ware, stemware, foliage, or even family heirlooms. Display your decor behind a solid panel of antique glass, or use a metal mesh insert between the two for a more country or gothic effect.

2) Raised-Panel Doors

While modern-style kitchens tend to feature flat cabinets, and shaker doors are popular in classic configurations, a traditional kitchen goes for something a little more elaborate. The extra detailing and shadow lines of a raised-panel cabinet or drawer door are a signature part of the traditional look.

3) Natural Color Palette

Traditional kitchens often shy away from bold and rich colors, such as gold and purple. Instead, they will usually incorporate a variety of natural hues in muted shades. Cream, beige, and light grays and blues are all popular choices, as are some slightly darker tones like green and brown.

4) Furniture-Style Island

Architectural accents can add an old-country effect to your furniture that – while understated on its own – ends up really transforming the space into something unique. Try outfitting your kitchen island with features like carved legs and built-in shelves.

5) Luxurious Stone Countertops

Marble and granite are popular (and gorgeous) countertop choices, and each will fit perfectly in a traditional kitchen setup. As these are natural and somewhat porous materials, they are prone to wear and staining over time without proper care. If you’d like a similar visual effect – but with less maintenance required – look to man-made quartz alternatives.

6) Tile Backsplash

Backsplashes are great in any kitchen – they add a unique flair while also protecting your walls from cooking-related splatter and steam. Traditional-style kitchens look particularly great with a tiled backsplash done in glass, terra-cotta, or stone. Experiment with natural patterns and airy or earthy tones to create a design all your own!

7) Ornate Hood

Traditional kitchens eschew the stark, boxy or fireplace-style hoods often found in an ultramodern cooking space. Instead, they tend to favor a more ornamental design – often using stone, plaster, or metal as the material of choice. Custom shaping and plenty of details make the stove hood an eye-catching centerpiece of the room.

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