How to Set up a Breakfast Nook in Your Kitchen – Infographic

November 13, 2020

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Many household owners understand the importance of having a kitchen that can sustain their needs and provide convenience to their day-to-day tasks such as cooking meals. Apart from the living room, the kitchen area is also the place where family members and guests can spend time together. Some people even start their day by hitting the kitchen to make a cup of joe or prepare a hearty breakfast. Considered as “the most important meal of the day|” consuming breakfast in the morning can energize your body and help you become active for the rest of the day.

If you are looking to seek the help of a kitchen remodeling company, you can take advantage of this opportunity to develop a comfortable breakfast nook in your kitchen. Here are some of the tips that can help you:


Integrate some Additional Space

A breakfast nook is basically a separate and specific area where you can enjoy your light meals. If you sport an open concept kitchen, then you can you might need to squeeze out more space for your breakfast nook. This will make it more comfortable to relax in the nook without making it harder to move around the meal prep area.

Don’t Hesitate to Reuse Your Chairs

Investing in a new set of furniture is not a necessity in setting up a breakfast nook. For kitchens that are sporting vintage, traditional, farmhouse, or transitional styles, it can be ideal and cheaper to reuse any extra chair you own. Another alternative option is to hit nearby garage sales and thrift stores and see if you can score some authentic traditional furniture.

Utilize Cozy Colors

For the aesthetics, you can select a color palette that can promote warm and cozy vibes for everyone who will use the nook. The following are examples of warm and cozy color combinations that can be applied to your table, chairs, and flooring:

  • Sunny yellow, Mahogany, and Persimmon
  • Brick and Beige
  • Navy and Pumpkin
  • Khaki and Butter
  • Cocoa and Moss

Maintain a Healthy Collection of Condiments on the Tables

Similar to how cafeteria restaurants set up their tables, you can keep some condiments like salt and pepper at the tabletop. It can even provide more level of convenience for you if you will add napkins so you can keep on enjoying your foods without too much interference.

Open Your Windows to Invite Natural Light

A well-lit breakfast nook is quite more appealing compared to its gloomy counterparts. Keep the illumination of the area by opening your windows and invite some natural light. You can also go for cozy and warm light fixtures and lamps if you don’t have any windows situated near your breakfast nook.

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