Can You Use Quartz as Backsplash Tile


If you’ve ever thought that quartz is not only for a beautiful countertop, you are correct and not alone. It’s an incredibly durable material with a Measure of Hardness Scale (MOHS) rating of 7. When people think quartz is a good backsplash choice, the answer is yes.

So, read on to learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of using quartz as a tile backsplash.

The benefits of using quartz as a backsplash are many. Because it is highly durable, it can be used in several applications. For example, a quartz backsplash may look fantastic in an office used for countertops. However, if you’re looking for a dramatic kitchen design, a dark gray feature wall with light gray veins might be what you’re looking for. A backsplash made of natural quartz will add a dramatic touch to the space for those interested in creating an opulent kitchen.

Can You Use Quartz as Backsplash Tile

Reasons to Use Quartz as Your Kitchen and Bath Backsplash

One of the main benefits of quartz is its wide range of design options that you can choose for a backsplash. The color and style options are nearly unlimited, so you can create the look you want while remaining hidden in plain sight. This versatility also allows you to create a seamless design message that is easily matched. Whether your kitchen has white cabinets or black countertops, you can pair quartz countertops with different backsplash options and create a seamless look.

Natural stone materials are often porous and have small holes that allow bacteria and other materials to enter. This problem doesn’t exist with quartz because it is virtually 100 percent nonporous. This allows quartz backsplashes to blend seamlessly with the countertop and feature wall. You can even choose to make your backsplash the room’s focal point! Make sure that you select a countertop and backsplash that complement each other.

Quartz is also compatible with under-cabinet LED lighting. If you are unsure about its suitability as a backsplash tile, consult the manufacturer’s warranty or ask them to show you how they recommend installing the product.

If you plan to use quartz as a backsplash tile, measuring the space you’ll be covering with the backsplash is essential. While it will look great once you’re done installing it, you should consider the budget you have set aside. The cost of a possible cheapest quartz may range from $65-$70 per square foot. Expect its price to be higher should you opt for customized quartz that is pristine and more elegant. The price range can sum up from $200-$280 per square foot.

Fortunately, there is some slab quartz that comes finished. If you don’t have a tile installer, you may spend more money in the long run. So, also make sure that you get in touch with professional kitchen builders who know about quartz and how to handle and install them with care.

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