How to Deep Clean Kitchen Cabinets

You may wonder how to deep clean kitchen cabinet Irvine. The answer lies in the type of materials you use. You can try baking soda, olive oil, or even white vinegar for wood cabinets. Alternatively, you can use a scrubbing brush. If you want to use more aggressive cleaning solutions, you should consider combining several substances. It is essential to use a firm scrubbing brush and avoid using too much of any one of them.

How to Deep Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Baking soda

If you want to clean your kitchen cabinets deep but don’t have time to scrub them yourself, try cleaning them with baking soda. Baking soda has a unique ability to absorb grease, which helps remove a layer of buildup. Regular cleaning can’t remove this buildup, so baking soda is great for tackling the job. This DIY solution also works on handles and is gentle on wooden cabinets. If you are unsure how to clean your cabinets properly, you can also mix some baking soda with water to make a solution.

White vinegar

You can use vinegar to clean your kitchen cabinets, wall tiles, countertops, and other wood surfaces. A mixture of white vinegar and one part of water can be sprayed onto the cabinets to remove stubborn grease stains. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub the paste in tight areas. This simple solution works on a variety of surfaces, including wood cabinets. White vinegar can be used to deep clean kitchen cabinets on a budget.

Olive oil

There are many reasons to use olive oil to clean kitchen cabinets. Its antibacterial properties, which make it safe for sensitive skin, are excellent for removing bacteria and buildup. Olive oil also has excellent solvent properties. Mix it with lemon juice for a natural cleaner and protectant. You can also use it on your furniture. Its non-drying properties make it ideal for leather furniture. Olive oil also attracts harmful bacteria, so you need to use it carefully.

Scrubbing brush

Scrubbing brush

The first step in deep cleaning your kitchen cabinets is removing any dust or splatters collected. For this, you will need a sturdy ladder or step stool. To remove dust and grease:

  1. Start removing it from the cabinets using a long-handled duster or small round brush attachment from your vacuum.
  2. After removing the dust, use a cleaning solution to remove stubborn grease and grime.
  3. For a more thorough clean, use a vinegar solution. This will also sanitize the solution.
  4. Wipe down the cabinets with a damp cloth to ensure that all residue has been removed.

Carnauba wax

High-quality wood cleaners often contain Brazilian carnauba wax to restore the look of kitchen cabinets. These products include the ingredient to deep clean your kitchen cabinets, ensuring a shiny finish. However, it can also create unsightly blotches on the surface. Before using any wood cleaner, be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions carefully. Some of these cleaners have spray pumps to make them easy to apply.

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