How to Design a Nordic Kitchen

How to Design a Nordic Kitchen

Choosing a kitchen style when planning for a remodeling project is not an easy task. If you want to own a kitchen that you can truly call yours, you have to find a particular style that is unique and at the same time efficient enough to optimize your meal preparation activities. Keeping a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality is one of the many benefits of having a kitchen remodeling company.

Going back to kitchen styles, have you heard about the Nordic kitchen? Perhaps if you read other blogs from Mr. Cabinet care, you would learn that most of the common kitchen styles of today are classical, transitional, and modern. Every style follows a specific theme, but some of the unique styles often have a distinctive name, and the difficulty of applying them to different kitchens may vary.

For this article, we are going to talk about the Nordic style and how you can design one for your kitchen:

What is a Nordic Kitchen?

Scandinavian architecture has influenced many aspects of modern interior design. An example of this is the Nordic kitchen, which is characterized by the use of natural materials, light, and neutral color schemes. While this might sound similar to most traditional kitchens, what sets a Nordic kitchen apart is the purpose and way of how the units are selected and installed. Designing a Nordic kitchen must have the goal of minimizing the elements that can make the kitchen appear compact – which means that minimalism plays an important role. However, minimalism must be applied in a way that makes the room quite appealing, functional, and relaxing the look at.

Here are the best ways of introducing Nordic designs for a kitchen remodeling project:

Pastel Hues

When looking for a color scheme, the good combinations that work well with the other elements in the Nordic design are hues of pastel. Varying soft shades of yellow or pale aqua are some of the notable examples you can have for your cabinets or backsplash.

Set up an Ambiance

To establish a tranquil-looking space, creating an ambiance in your Nordic kitchen can help. This can be achieved by selecting the light fixtures and letting the natural light enter the room. Keep your kitchens free of any decorations, and try to hang some pendant lights to illuminate your dining area.

Keep the Layout Clean

Avoid going overboard with decorations, such as putting items on your countertop. Since you will likely utilize bright and neutral colors in your design, always maintain the cleanliness of your Nordic kitchen so that it can retain its coziness.

Have Patterned Tiles for Flooring

You can focus most of your decoration efforts on the flooring alone. You are free to choose any tile pattern available, but make sure that the color will complement the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Introduce Wooden Units

Pairing your neutral-colored will be a number of wooden units like your cabinets and furniture for the dining area. Birch would be the best as their soft brownish color looks better compared to other types of wood.

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