Design Trends 2014: Bye Bye Bathtub, Hello Big Luxury Shower

Home design evolves quickly. Some aesthetics become timeless and enduring while other trends tend to come and go as fast as you can flip a light switch. This year we’ve seen some new design trends emerge, and we’re spotlighting a few of our favorites below:

Design Trends 2014 Bye Bye Bathtub, Hello Big Luxury Shower

Image credit: Bruce Damonte (photography) Hansgrohe USA (bathroom design)


Big, Beautiful Showers

In the home, the shower typically sees more action than the age-old tub. Which is why many homeowners are opting to remodel their bathrooms with this in mind. According to John Petrie, President of National Kitchen and Bath Association, a popular trend in 2014 is to get rid of tubs completely and create bigger, more luxurious showers.

“Extra shower space allows for multiple shower heads, a built-in seat and designs without shower doors,” says John.

Having an open design appeals to homeowners with a more contemporary taste; and in addition to aesthetics, big, open showers are also functional for people of all ages.

“Home buyers are sensitive to two things in a home: kitchens and master bedroom/bathrooms.  Anytime I show a home with an elaborate walk in shower, with double heads for that “spa experience,” the buyers go crazy.  It’s a fabulous feature for any home to have,” says Theresa Thomson, top real-estate agent with Sierra Nevada Properties. “I’ve also noticed, my clients who have older parents prefer a bedroom on the main level along with a walk in shower for easy accessibility.”

Microwave Drawers

Microwave Drawers

Over-the-range microwaves have surely seen better days. A hot new item, microwave drawers are becoming increasingly popular in kitchen design. Concealed in a convenient way, under-the-counter microwave drawers look sleek and streamline. Which leaves the space above your oven free to customize to your liking. We recommend installing a colored backsplash as an accent piece or create custom cabinetry for a beautiful storage solution.


LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Lighting creates the ambiance of any room. Adding subtle LED spotlights under your cabinets looks modern and chic and is energy efficient too. Initially, it may cost slightly more to install LED lighting rather than traditional lighting, but your long-term gain is well worth it. You’ll replace old bulbs less often and live more environmentally friendly too.

Quartz Countertops

When it comes to today’s favorite countertop, granite is relinquishing it’s top spot. Once raved about for its natural qualities, granite has been replaced in many homes by the much more durable quartz countertop.

At Mr. CabinetCare we offer Cambria Quartz countertops. Family owned and manufactured in the USA, Cambria countertops are known for their captivating, rich color schemes and striking collections.

“When choosing surfaces for the home, beauty and functionality is what matters to homeowners. Today kitchens are the hub of the family home, therefore having a durable, maintenance-free product to fit their active lifestyle is becoming more and more important to the homeowner. Cambria is a stain resistant, nonporous, natural stone surface that satisfies the desire for beauty without compromising the day-to-day performance.” Heather Rist, Cambria Manager of Communications.

Low maintenance and unique in design, quartz provides homeowners a less expensive option without compromising beauty and durability.

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