How to Design a Victorian Kitchen – Infographic

Regardless if you are preparing for a kitchen remodeling project or improving the value of your home, sticking to a specific kitchen style is beneficial to your lifestyle. Having a well-designed kitchen also enables you to optimize the time you spend on preparing meals, as many remodeling companies apply the kitchen work triangle principle.

Kitchens can now be remodeled in different ways. Some owners prefer to improve the contemporary look of their kitchens by using integrated appliances, while the others wanted to bring back the beauty of the past by integrating classical themes in their design.

Speaking about classical kitchen design, one of the most distinctive examples today is the Victorian Kitchen.

How to Design a Victorian Kitchen Infographic

What is a Victorian Kitchen?

Victorian kitchens refer to a specific kitchen design dating back to the Victorian Era (1837-1901), where there is a significant rise in the number of innovations and breakthroughs in the manufacturing industry, as well as other relevant fields of study such as science. Most of the essentials of the modern household have been improved by the brilliant minds of this era, such as the cookstoves, refrigeration, running water, and sanitary drainage.

A common feature among Victorian kitchens is the presence of wooden elements all around the meal prep area, similar to a farmhouse style kitchen. This is because Victorian kitchens draws its beauty from a particular furniture style named after the late Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Designing a Victorian Kitchen

Here is a list of must-haves in case you are considering to turn an area into a visually-appealing Victorian kitchen:

Freestanding Furniture

Putting some freestanding furniture like chairs and a dining table made from dark wooden materials can help spread a sense of Victorian vibe around your kitchen. Consider visiting thrift shops or purchasing customized furniture to have a set of wooden units with intricate carvings that greatly symbolize the Victorian era.

Butler’s Sink

A butler’s sink is a kitchen sink with large basins that is known to be a staple unit in farmhouse kitchens. Having such sink design can not only limit the need of leaning over the surrounding counter surface, but its sleek look can complement the rusticity of the other units like the cupboards and the island.

Kitchen items and items that are made from Copper

You can add some smaller details to spice up your Victorian kitchen such as kettles, spoon, knives, spoons and other utensils that are made from copper. These neutral-colored kitchen items can help your Victorian furniture appear more authentic.

Bright Brown or Cream-colored Kitchen Cabinets

Since the Victorian kitchen belongs to the traditional kitchen design, going for the natural color of the wood is your best cupboard choice. You can repaint your cabinets, or have them refaced to achieve the look that you want. But if your budget is not an issue, you can always order for a set of fully-designed Victorian kitchen cabinets!

A large Island Unit

Placing a large cook table near your meal prep area is highly ideal for most Victorian Kitchens. Having a wooden countertop as a surface is another important feature that makes the Victorian kitchen stand out when compared to other traditional kitchen designs.

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