What Are the Things to Consider in Designing a Kitchen? – Infographic

March 9, 2022

Consider in Designing a Kitchen


If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen soon, you might want to think about the dos and don’ts and what to contemplate in designing your dream kitchen. As kitchen designing is ever-evolving progress, constant changes do happen. Things like the space, furniture and appliances, entertainment, dining, and even work or lounging can be reasonable. Or maybe you’re planning to sell the house shortly. You have an endless option, and details big and small will make you think more about the factors in developing your new space.


What Are the Things to Consider in Designing a Kitchen?

Start with considering the size of your kitchen. 


A kitchen layout is the most critical factor in kitchen design. Properly designed, a kitchen will be functional and aesthetically appealing. A well-designed kitchen is a space that helps you get more work done. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it is commonplace to host guests. Your layout will depend on the type of appliances you choose.


Regardless of how much stuff you have for your kitchen, you can’t put all your appliances in a limited space. Most professionals and homeowners who have been designing their food preparation area for years now know about the working triangle


The working triangle is the space between your refrigerator, stove, and sink, and its primary function is to ensure that space is free of obstacles. A larger area is better for smaller appliances, like a microwave and refrigerator. You’ll also want to ensure that your appliances are well-ventilated. Cooking on a hob, for example, can cause lingering smells to float throughout your home. It can spoil the atmosphere of your kitchen.

 Determine where your appliances should go.


Make sure to leave enough room between cabinets. A common mistake in kitchen design does not have enough counter space for the devices you’ll need to work. You’ll need ample counter space for preparing meals, washing up, and eating. As head of merchandising at Magnet, Hayley Simmons says, “A good design should include plenty of counter space and make your kitchen functional and attractive.”

Choosing the appliances, you need to have before beginning the design process will help you stay within your budget.

 Increase the amount of horizontal surface you have. 


A kitchen’s countertop space is one of the biggest complaints in kitchen design. Most homeowners do not have enough counter space for all the appliances they need to use. However, if you’re planning to work in the kitchen frequently, adding an island or a breakfast bar will allow you to work on food preparation. If you plan to cook on and at the same time eat on the island, make sure that the cooktop has ample space from the island’s dining area. Also, think of how you want your countertops well-lit for a good and well-planned lighting fixture.


Though following the trend may be tempting, looking at what you want and what you need in the kitchen will always be a good balance in designing your kitchen. You can always stick to your budget without compromising style when planning this remodeling well. 

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