How To Make Kitchen Cabinets


Contrary to popular belief, the living room is not the only space where families and friends bond.

More often than not, the kitchen is where the most memorable experiences occur. Hence, having a functional kitchen is more important than ever.

A kitchen cabinet Cypress is one sure way of having a functional kitchen. You can either purchase or try making kitchen cabinets that will fit the overall appearance of your space. Either way, these storage units help keep your kitchen clear of clutter.

But if, by any chance, you want to do DIY cabinet making, here are some things you must first consider:

How To Make Kitchen Cabinets

Anatomy of Kitchen Cabinets

Before you can build your cabinets, the first thing you need to know is the anatomy of a cabinet.

●     Cabinet Box or Case

The cabinet box or case is going to be your cabinet’s foundation. As the name suggests, this is a box shape made of panels from the two sides, top and bottom, and the back.

There are two styles of cabinet boxes: face frame and frameless.

●     Doors

One of the primary reasons why cabinets have to have doors is for protection. This cabinet part can keep things from falling out. In addition, doors enable you to hide your dishes, kitchen materials, or stocks which can be an eyesore.

●     Door Mounts

There are two main styles for door mounts: inset and overlay. Choosing between these two is more for aesthetic purposes since they have the same functionality.

For the mounts, you can either use the inset or overlay style.

●     Edges

The way the cabinet pieces are joined together is called joinery, and the edges of the cabinet often will show what type of joinery was used.

Exposed edges are what you will see in most cabinets. This type of edge does not require finishing.

A mitered edge, on the other hand, is for cabinet styles where the wood edges will be exposed. This style is used to help achieve a clean and finished look.

●     Hinges

The cabinet hinges play an essential role in your kitchen cabinets. Their function is to ensure that your cabinet doors open and close correctly.

Building the Cabinet

Building a cabinet is not inherently difficult, but it would still require you to have basic knowledge of carpentry. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build a cabinet.

Set Up Safely

Before building your cabinet, you must prioritize your safety. Set up all your gear – safety glasses, earplugs, face shields (when needed), and the like. Prepare all the necessary equipment, like your saw, hammer, nails, screws, etc.

Note the Correct Dimensions

Another important thing you must do when doing a DIY kitchen cabinet is to get the proper measurements. Knowing the correct sizes for your cabinet panels will ensure they will be the right size. You must remember that your cabinets can be a central kitchen feature; hence, it is vital to get complete and accurate measurements.

Choose the Materials

There are plenty of materials you can use for your cabinets – solid wood, veneers, plywood, fiberboard, Thermofoil, etc. Each of these materials has differences in quality and price. Researching what to use for your cabinets can help you save time and money as you go along with your project.

Cut the Panels

Once you have noted the correct measurements and chosen what material to use, the next step is cutting the panels.

In building a cabinet, you must first start with rip cuts. This cut refers to the one that runs in the same direction as the grain and is typically the long cut on a piece of wood.


If you have taken note of the measurement properly and have finished cutting your panels, the last step is to assemble. This involves putting all panels together and placing the doors and hinges. This process also includes completing the edges and painting as well.


Know More about Cabinets with Mr. Cabinet Care

Finishing a DIY cabinet project can be both fulfilling and stressful. But as long as you know the basics of carpentry and follow all the necessary steps, you can easily create a cabinet independently.

However, homeowners who do not have time to spare to build cabinets on their own can always rely on reputable cabinet companies like Mr. Cabinet Care.

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