5 Items to Add in your Kitchen Cutlery

5 Items to Add in your Kitchen Cutlery

Apart from all the other aspects of kitchen remodeling, enhancing the capabilities of your kitchen can also be achieved by equipping it with proper tools and equipment that will make your meal preparation tasks a lot easier.

Owning a number of new tools for your kitchen, especially those that are used for cooking like cutlery can serve as an additional detail that can add up to the overall appeal of the area.

Kitchen knives can be available in different brands and types. If you already have a nice-looking storage solution to your cutlery, you can invest on various knives that can lessen your stress in chopping ingredients. All you have is to know is what specific types of knife will suffice your cooking needs and how they can be distinguished from each other, based on their design and purposes.

Here are 5 cutting items that you should consider adding to your kitchen’s cutlery collection:

1. Chef’s knife

Made from carbon steel, a chef’s knife is an all around cutting tool that can be commonly seen in most kitchens. This type of knife can do the job regardless of length and size and its high quality variants are enough to be considered as the best knives in the market. When buying a chef’s knife, always find the one crafted from high carbon steel, so that you can use its blade for longer durations without getting dull.

2. Boning knife

As the name implied, a boning knife is a cutting tool for boning meat and fish. The curved and slender blade of this knife is designed to efficiently extract the meat and fillet from the bone. For any dishes that require a boning procedure, you can rely on boning knives to make the task less time-consuming.

Items to Add in your Kitchen Cutlery

3. Bread knife

Other than slicing through big loaves of bread, this knife can also be used to cut smaller ingredients such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. Bread knives usually serrated edges which can aid in cutting any soft material in half without squishing it. Look for a longer bread knife with a flexible blade for cutting a wide range of breads, cakes, pastries, etc.

4. Carving knife

Thinner than a chef’s knife, having a carving knife is ideal for cooking situations where you need to cut thin slices of meat. To achieve cleaner slices, it is optimal to use a carving knife in a sawing motion.

5. Paring knife

If you need a cutting tool for smaller ingredients, paring knives is your best choice. Most paring knives have a blade length of 3 and half inches, making them excellent in trimming, slicing, and peeling small fruits vegetables. Sharp as they are, always keep in mind that it is unadvisable to use paring knives on cutting larger and tougher vegetables, such as carrots.

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