Six Kitchen Countertop Color Styles to Consider – Infographic

Changing the color of your kitchen countertop is just as important as improving its functionality.

While there are a lot of options to choose from, picking the color that will perfectly match the entire design of your kitchen can prove to be quite difficult.

To help you find the most suitable one for that countertop of yours, have a look at these six color styles and see if any of these can further harmonize the beauty of your kitchen.

6 Kitchen Countertop Color Styles to Consider - Ind


Warm wood countertops are indeed a sight to behold especially when combined with wood-designed cabinets. It basically provides the fresh and natural ambiance all throughout the kitchen. One of the most popular color styles today, it can also compliment with ornamental decorations and even plants.

Bonus Tip: Wood countertops can blend well with other colors such as those with warm and cool tones. A good example of these is ash grey. So try to reface your kitchen cabinets with an ash grey veneer!

Dramatic or Bold veined

This countertop color design is known as one of the most eye-catching among the others. Dramatic style focuses on giving an overall strong impression on the owner’s definition of kitchen design (as it was called “dramatical”). Another thing worth mentioning is that it can make your kitchen look wider and a bit spacious.

Bonus Tip: If most areas in your kitchen are already in bold colors, avoid applying this to your countertop as it can exaggerate and ruin the design of the whole room.

Flecked or Softly veined

Softly veined countertops utilize the dominant and durable-looking colors of the marble. Though mostly covered in white, it gives the balance look between cleanliness and unique combination of the natural slab design. This is the reason why most manufacturers prefer this kind of color design.

Bonus Tip: It is the best solution for you if you want a white countertop that can hide specks of dust or some small random stains!

Pure White

This is highly recommended for those who are into minimalism. Usually made from manufactured materials like Corian or Caesarstone, pure white countertops emanate a relaxing and that “freedom from unnecessary distractions” feelings. It blends well with contemporary spaces.

Bonus tip: Since blue and white can complement with one another, try pairing white countertops with blue colored cabinets.

Black or Dark

Being the complete contrast of white, black or dark countertops signifies the beauty of gothic design. They fit the best on colors that possess a bit shade of dark or anything that is charcoal-toned. This way it neutralizes the other subtle elements found in the kitchen making it a lot cozy. Just make sure these elements also fall under the dark theme so that your black countertop will not look so isolated.

Bonus tip: Opting for something classic? Consider having pure white cabinets.


Examples of midtone colors include cream, beige, golden yellow, and gray. They are pretty identical with the color of concrete and can combine with almost any kind of color available.

Bonus tip: Choose this color style if you want to pair up your countertop with some metallic chairs.

Remember, your character and preference can influence the way you wanted your kitchen to be. Choose wisely!

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