How to Make Your Kitchen Pet-Friendly – Infographic

Letting your pets roam around your kitchen can sometimes lead to messy situations. Their natural clumsiness might turn an area into utter ruins, especially when you leave them untrained. Nevertheless, dogs and cats have long been considered as family members; hence, it is their owner’s responsibility to keep the kitchen clean and making it a safer place for their furry companions at the same time.

Regardless if your home is currently hosting a variety of dogs and cats, there are several ways of how you can turn your kitchen into a more pet-friendly environment:

How to Make Your Kitchen Pet-Friendly - Infographic

Storage and Waste Disposal

Some cleaning materials contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your pets. Similar to how you keep these things away from your children’s reach, making sure that it won’t be noticed by your pets is a must. While many cleaning products today have a child-proof lid, a dog or cat can become too insistent in chewing different stuff like plastic.

Pets tend to possess a keen sense of smell, and this means trouble if you don’t properly dispose of your leftover foods. They can easily locate your trash bin and began rummaging its contents. Consider installing your kitchen cabinets with pull-out trash bins for more secure waste disposal.

Kitchen Appliances and Utensils

Be mindful of using kitchen appliances when your pet is just around the corner. You won’t want your cats to jump into a hot hob. It’s better to use an induction hob, especially for cat owners, since it will only heat up once covered with a pan and cools quicker than a regular gas hob.

Put your sharp and pointed kitchen utensils in places away from the curious paws of your feline and canine friends. Kitchen remodeling companies offer installation of integrated knife block to your kitchen cabinet drawers. Give this one a try!

Cleaning Your Pet-Friendly Kitchen

The key to maintaining the cleanliness of your pet-friendly kitchen is by going for units that are low-maintenance. For example, you can have your kitchen floor replaced with sealed laminate as it minimizes the time you spend on cleaning those stubborn footprints, shedding fur, and drool.  Another excellent alternative for sealed laminate is tiled flooring.

Pets can shed more fur than usual, so don’t forget to sweep your kitchen floor every day to prevent any accumulation of dust and dirt.

Designating a Special Pet Area

You can reserve a specific area in your kitchen where your pets can feel the most comfort. Try installing some integrated food and water bowls on the side of a kitchen island or unit if you want to see them enjoy their food as you eat your meals. Put all of your pet items (food, toys, medication, grooming equipment, etc.) to a dedicated kitchen cabinet drawer for better organization and easier access.

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