Best Laminate Flooring Colors for Oak Cabinets

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Oak kitchen cabinets remain the most popular kitchen cabinets in American homes. Perhaps you grew up in a house that had oak cabinets or maybe your current home includes oak cabinets in the kitchen.

Oak cabinets are quite traditional in style. You won’t likely find them in a super contemporary kitchen but you can spot them in kitchens of many other styles. They are also usually the top choice for builders because they are both affordable and durable. They’re also very water-resistant, which is a huge plus in a busy kitchen.

Given all these positive attributes, oak cabinets can remain in place for many years with truly limited signs of wear and tear. And because oak possesses unique uniform grain patterns that respond to light-reflecting rays from windows and lighting, it always looks good.

Of course, you can also enhance the look of your oak cabinets by adding other elements to the kitchen that will complement these cabinets. For example, choosing the right floor can truly make your cabinets shine and give you the look you seek.

Laminate flooring choices

There are so many ways to highlight your cabinets with flooring and there are so many laminate flooring choices these days as well. So, depending on your tastes, here are some options.

  • Medium-dark flooring 

    Many of us automatically go for contrasts when we’re remodeling a kitchen, so choosing a laminate floor that’s a good deal darker than your oak cabinets is a popular choice. These medium-dark laminates don’t blend in with your cabinets nor will they overwhelm them and take center stage, as long as you don’t go too dark. Good choices for medium-dark laminates would include Brazilian cherry, acacia, hickory, chestnut, and pine. Each of those come in slightly different hues so take time to look at all the options.

  • Lighter wood colors 

    Contrast works both ways, so you can make your oak cabinets the darker element and choose lighter wood colors for your laminate flooring. Pick up several samples and hold them next to your cabinets to see if they complement each other of if they clash. Sometimes the “colors” in the wood just aren’t right. For your best bets, check out light maple, light cherry, cypress, beech, or potentially even a whitewashed pine. These are all especially suitable when your cabinets are honey oak, which is quite popular among oak cabinet choices.

  • Go for the match 

    Yes, you can use oak floors together with oak cabinets. Many people do. They like the idea of matching the grains rather than seeing a contrast. Chances are you won’t choose the exact same color but will look for something a little lighter or a little darker. Again, pick up samples of each oak laminate floor you are considering and see if you like the combination of cabinets and flooring before you make a purchase.

  • Choose something totally different 

    There’s no rule that says you need to install wood-look laminate flooring in your kitchen. There are other ways to enhance the look of your cabinets including choosing a different material altogether. How about a natural stone laminate, for example? Wood and stone actually works well together and stone can become an important element in your color scheme as well. For example, if you’re going for a Tuscan look, terra cotta floors may be ideal. Also consider slate, granite, marble, or travertine laminate floors. Each will be uniquely different!

Remember, when choosing a laminate floor, consider the color and texture of not only your cabinets but also your appliances, backsplash, countertops, and other prominent elements to ensure that you achieve a good match throughout the room.

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