How to Maximize the Design of a Low-Maintenance Kitchen (Infographic)

A functional, low-maintenance kitchen is the answer to the hectic lifestyle of most homeowners. It requires constant cleaning and attention to the details of its design. Therefore, the materials used to build the kitchen must be easy to maintain. These include granite, stainless steel, and quartz. In addition, countertops should not require any sealing, as this will only increase the time it takes to clean them. Following these tips will help you create a low-maintenance kitchen that will save you both time and money.

How to Maximize the Design of a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

Cabinetry with intricate designs requires more cleaning time

Flat-front cabinets are easier to clean than shaker-style ones. However, they will also hold more dust and crumbs. Those with a flat front need little extra maintenance. A kitchen designer will recommend choosing flat-front cabinets that do not have handles. These kitchen design tips will make cleaning easier. These kitchen tips will save you time and money. So, try them and enjoy your new room!

Choose low-maintenance materials

Choosing materials that will last for years is essential. Investing in durable, water- and stain-resistant surfaces are an excellent way to minimize cleaning time. Look for laminates, tile, and vinyl. They are also easy to wipe down and require little maintenance. A few simple steps will go a long way in ensuring a long-lasting, low-maintenance kitchen.

Consider kitchen finishes

Your kitchen cabinets may be one of the most visible parts of your home, so you need to choose a finish that hides fingerprints. A low-maintenance kitchen is the best option if you are planning a renovation. Selecting durable materials will ensure that it lasts a long time. For example, you can choose vinyl, tile, and brick. These materials will last longer and require less maintenance.

Choose a sink with a flush surface

This makes it easier to clean the surface without the need for special tools. Moreover, it is vital to choose a countertop with a high amount of space. If you have limited space, it is better to choose a lower-maintenance countertop. You will also want to consider selecting a sink with an undermount design. This feature creates a seamless transition between the sink and countertop, which allows you to wipe it easily.

Easy-to-Clean Features

While a beautiful kitchen with a high-end design should be durable and low-maintenance, a low-maintenance kitchen should also be easy to clean. A kitchen with an under-mount sink is much easier to clean because the countertop is flush. In addition, the cleaner can wipe it down more effectively. In general, an under-mount sink is a good choice because it gives a smooth transition between the sink and the countertop, making it easier to maintain.

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