Did you know that Mr. Cabinet Care is on Pinterest? If you are too, we hope you’ve been following us for an intimate look at our newest remodels. We’ve been fortunate enough to be included in some really neat projects lately – and after all, you never know when inspiration for your own kitchen space will strike!For those of you who aren’t yet a part of the fun, we’ve prepared a small showcase of a few fan favorites. Check it out, and don’t forget to follow!

1)        Modern French Kitchen in Anaheim Hills

Modern French Kitchen in Anaheim Hills

There’s no lack of light in this ultra-inviting space, modeled in the spirit of the traditional French kitchen – see how antique white cabinets and wide windows (to the left) brighten everything up. Modern stainless steel appliances interweave with vintage brass and copper pendant lights, while the wooden island in espresso tones serves as a rustic, earthy anchor in the room’s center.

2)        Earthy, Lavish Kitchen in Riverside

Earthy, Lavish Kitchen in Riverside

We love this shot – a striking example of a two-tone kitchen. The cabinets (both upper and lower) are done in maple, with its natural beauty accented via a natural satin finish and chocolate glaze. The central island is alder (with a walnut stain); a softer and more rustic piece that anchors the room.

3) Stunning Ornate Hood

Ornate hood
Check out this close-up from the same Riverside kitchen: it’s a perfect distillation of the entire space. The clean lines of the tile backsplash work in synergy with the darker lines on the cabinets. Copper accents on the hood complete the snug and homey feel.

4) Trendy Range with a Splash of Color

Ornate hood
Talk about a space that pops! This image was first featured in a guest post by Samantha with Range Hoods, Inc. It’s a prime example of how one powerful contrasting element can really spark some interest and help your kitchen’s personality shine.

5) Chic, Contemporary Cabinets

metro collection cleaf cabinets

These beautiful and sleek cabinets are a part of our own Skyline Collection. Combined with the horizontal tile backsplash and smooth quartz countertop, this kitchen enjoys an ultra-modern look and sophisticated appeal.See anything here that you’d love in your own home? Let us know in the comments!