Best Selling Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Door Materials

Best Selling Kitchen Cabinet Wooden Door Materials

Picking the best and most suitable door for your cabinets is highly crucial towards having an elegant and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. By simply looking in your cabinetry’s front panels, an expert remodeler can determine which kitchen style you prefer.

Joining the backsplash as the kitchen’s focal points, the cabinet doors can be a great way to showcase your taste in design. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers are now offering a wide range of choices for cabinet door materials, and some of them have managed to gain some popularity in the recent years.

This article will feature the bestselling kitchen cabinet wooden door materials that you might want to consider the next time you felt the urge to remodel your kitchen:


Known for its gorgeous and eye-catching appearance, maple wood cabinet doors are one of the fastest-growing trends nowadays. This material is a pretty versatile one, as maple wood is available in over a hundred varieties. While it is more widely renowned due to its beauty, it can also compete with other cabinet door materials in terms of durability. Maple is resistant to wear and tear and could still look the same even when it gets inflicted by random collisions.

Additionally, maple wood is ideal for kitchens with open spaces as its natural look is sure to invite cozy vibes towards visitors. If you’re opting for a modern kitchen design. This is probably the right one for you.


In case you’re leaning more on a “dark kitchen style,” you should check out cherry wood cabinet doors. The darkened hue of this material gives off a sense of warmth that is quite an appealing sight indeed. Cherry woods are also available in many varieties, and some are neutral enough to be a right combination with almost all types of kitchen designs. Regardless of whether you follow a modern or traditional theme, cherry wood cabinet doors are another popular choice for most people nowadays.


Though commonly mistaken for cherry wood because of their similarities, alder wood can offer something different on its own. A practical choice for those who wanted to save a good amount of money. Alder is available in many color choices, but it’s defining characteristic is that it can augment the overall look of a rustic kitchen as well as it possesses a flexible property that enables this material to endure a certain amount of pressure.


Beech is another cheap but durable material that works very well when used as cabinet doors. And just like cherry wood, beechwood can fit with any kitchen style making it a competitive door material as far as versatility is concerned.

When it comes in functionality, beech cabinet doors are highly preferred by many due to its strength and ability to tolerate different types of stains.


Looking for a timeless look? Try Oakwood cabinet doors! It has a bit of everything that you wanted to see and enjoy having a set of beautiful and functional cabinet doors. Moreover, oak considered to be one of the most durable wooden materials up to date. It can repel fungal attacks, insect infestations and other similar issues that could ruin its look. An excellent choice for upgrading your kitchen’s overall utility.



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