Smarter kitchens

When friends and family come over for food and fun, where do they hang out? In the kitchen, of course! And though the days of large parties and gatherings are on hold for now, most families are finding that during this “new normal”, the kitchen is still the center of action in their home.

Nowadays, the kitchen has become the focal point for so many different activities. The kitchen has morphed into the perfect location for webinars and Zoom meetings, is the prime spot for online-based distance learning and homework time for the kids, and can still be a place where your family gathers to have lively meals, share board games, play cards, or just to have a fun family discussion.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a kitchen that can accommodate the needs of each family member. At Mr. Cabinet Care, we can re-design your current kitchen and make it a functional space where we can:


The primary function of a kitchen remains as a place to prepare and serve food. As such, we can re-design your kitchen so that it’s not only functional but also up-to-date and attractive. Even if cooking isn’t your favorite task, you’ll find it pleasant and easy when you have a kitchen that “flows” well.


These days, dining out continues to carry some degree of risk. Instead of putting yourself or your family in danger, plan your new kitchen design so that there is a comfortable place to enjoy a quick or informal meal any time of the day.


Even as offices begin to re-open, working from home is a trend that is expected to continue, with many employers discovering that it’s a win-win proposition for all. If you use your kitchen for work, consider a re-design that includes a special “nook” that gives you a dedicated workspace of your own.




With the future of face-to-face learning in question and the reality of blended learning becoming clearer, your kids – from the youngest to the oldest – need spaces where they can study and do homework with little interruption. Consider including a study nook or other appropriate space for them in your kitchen re-design.


Though this time has been difficult, we know it won’t last forever. Before long we’ll be able to gather once again! So turn your outdated kitchen into a space where you can sharetime with family and friends with renewed joy, lingering over a hot cup of coffee, playing old-fashioned board games, and sharing food and fun with those you love.


Now is the perfect time to consider reconfiguring your current kitchen to suit your needs and the new needs of your family. But before you dive into a sizeable investment in SMARTER KITCHEN design, do your homework! Take time to speak to a professional kitchen remodeling company to discuss options that take into account the age of your kitchen as well as it’s current shape and layout. Share your wishes for its new design and let the experts guide you on the best way to achieve your kitchen dreams without compromising your budget.


In these days of contactless shopping and consulting, 3D design is the perfect way to review the plans for your new kitchen. Forget blueprints and paper sketches, which show only a flat projection of your new kitchen and can eat up lots of time when changes or adjustments need to be made.
Instead, with a 3D design plan from Mr. Cabinet Care, we provide you with an easy way to truly “see” your new kitchen. With such a design, you can easily view options and make minor adjustments without the need for anyone to redraw or redesign paper sketches. A 3D design also allows you to better visualize the end product and how it fits into your existing physical space.

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