Tips for Taking Advantage of your Small Kitchen Design – Infographic

The size of your kitchen plays a vital role in how you can efficiently perform your daily tasks involving meal preparation. Having more space in the kitchen can help you in organizing your tools and ingredients, as well as installing a personalized storage solution.

However, this is not always the case for some kitchen, especially those that suffer from limited space. If you plan to remodel your small kitchen, you have to find the most suitable design for you. Before seeking the help of a kitchen remodeling company, you might want to consider the following tips:


Prioritize Functionality

Since you are trying to prevent any wasted space, any kitchen units you will have must serve a specific purpose. Focus more on functionality, and if you have some spare budget and extra space, feel free to invest in improving your small kitchen’s aesthetics. You can also purchase smaller appliances and have them placed on a free-standing kitchen island, providing you a bit of storage and counter space as well.

Make the Area Look Wider with Color

Colors can have a significant effect on how we perceive space. Choosing the right color for smaller kitchens is critical as it can create different spatial illusions within an area. For example, it is ideal to use brighter colors for designing smaller kitchens, as they can reflect more light, illuminating the darker areas of the room. This can create the illusion of a more expansive space. If you already have windows around your kitchen, then you can use color to your advantage.

Maximize your Space by Choosing the Right Layout

A one-wall kitchen is one of the kitchen layouts that can be applied to smaller spaces. By integrating all your units in a single wall, you are consolidating your use of space, and all the work stations will be closer to each other, reducing the need to move around during meal preparation tasks.

Install some Open Shelves

As for the storage solution, open shelving is an effective way to save more space on your wall. Since there will be no doors to open or drawers to pull, finding your kitchen tools and ingredients will always be convenient through open shelving.

Buy smaller Kitchen Accessories

If you are itching to add some accessories to your kitchen cabinets, or countertop, it will be beneficial to stick to their smaller variants. You can put some racks in strategic places of your kitchen where they can host items like your cutlery, dishes, spices, and other related items. Corner cabinets can also be installed in spaces where two cabinets from different sides meet.

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