Top 4 Most Inspiring Facebook Posts of 2015

With a fresh new year upon us, we can’t help but look at some of the new, fantastic renovations we’ve been fortunate to be a part of. And going off the reactions from our fans on Facebook, we’re not alone in finding these four kitchens to be remarkably inspiring.

1)        Creating an Inviting Atmosphere in Yorba Linda


Rarely do you see as striking a change as what occurred in the kitchen of Mr. and Mrs. Lu. A brick accent wall, ceiling-to-floor cabinets, and stifled tones all around made their otherwise-open layout feel quite cluttered.

Anaheim kitchen

Our custom-made Duracore™ cabinets (in an Alabaster color) and Nutmeg-stained cherry wood island lighten the room (as do the under-cabinet lights), and glass display shelves showcase their fine furnishings. The transformation from dark and impractical to bright and inviting is really something to behold, and the Lu’s have rediscovered the joy of hosting friends in their new kitchen space.

2)        A Contemporary Take on the French Kitchen in Irvine, CA

A Contemporary Take on the French Kitchen in Irvine, CA

Few things have a reputation for charm and warmth like that of a French kitchen. Traditional elements mix with the modern here – note, for example, the central island: a rustic wooden base with a Cambria quartz surface that matches the rest of the countertops. This remodel combines warm and earthy tones with antique white cabinets and plenty of natural light – thanks to wide, open windows. For cloudy days and evenings, hanging brass and copper pendant lights illuminate the space with vintage Edison bulbs.

3)        A Rich, Yet Breathable Remodel in Huntington Beach

A Rich, Yet Breathable Remodel in Huntington Beach

Color was the name of the game in this Huntington Beach remodel, and there are a couple of complementary styles in play. Notice the cabinets as well: a combination of shaker and Camden, with built-in appliances – including matching paneling on the refrigerator – expand the palette by supplementing grays and golds with browns. And between the blue-tile backsplash and open design, an oceanic flair is palpable as well, evoking images of a seaside retreat.

4)        Dark Allure in Mission Viejo

Dark Allure in Mission Viejo

Dark wood can be a powerful accent in your preparation space, and in this Mission Viejo remodel we see a traditional American kitchen framed in cherry cabinets with Malibu doors. Modern, stainless steel appliances anchor the room in the present: note, for instance, how the new stove is topped with an ornate wood hood. Granite countertops add strength and a contrasting tone.

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