Top 5 Kitchen Designs of 2020 – Infographic

Despite the global crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has been nonetheless an amazing year for the kitchen remodeling industry. According to an article from CNBC, kitchen, and bath remodeling services have increased in demand by as much as 40% last June. The reason behind the booming need for kitchen remodeling services can be attributed to the quarantine protocols issued by local authorities, prompting many people to spend more time at home.

As the last days of 2020 continue to wind down, we have compiled some of the most popular kitchen designs of this memorable year:

Top Kitchen Designs of 2020

Matte Black Kitchen

Color alone can bring a significant change in the overall appearance of kitchen space. Meal prep areas that are painted in matte black became more popular throughout the months of 2020. With its ability to blend with any neutral color, black is capable of unleashing a new flavor in kitchen design.

Sustainable Kitchen

The growing concern for the environment led to the development of sustainable appliances that can also enhance the beauty and functionality of the modern kitchen. Sustainability in the aspect of kitchen design provides more significant emphasis on the use of energy-efficient units that help reduce electricity consumption. Examples include LED lighting fixtures, the latest models of refrigerators, and induction cookers.

Open-Concept Kitchen

Kitchens that are suffering from limited space can now be remodeled in a variety of ways thanks to the popularity of open-concept home designs. This kitchen merges itself with the other parts of the house, such as the living room, by eliminating the boundaries that might isolate the meal prep space.

Classic Blue Kitchen

Another color-based kitchen design in this list, the classic blue, can be applied mostly in the storage. Painting or refacing your kitchen cabinets with classic blue introduces a new level of flexibility in terms of mixing different color palettes. Even other hues of blue can positively affect the visual quality of a kitchen in different ways.

Transitional Kitchen

Transitional kitchens combine features that can be found in both traditional and contemporary designs. While it can be sometimes become a challenge to remodel a transitional kitchen, it can enhance the daily workflow of the area, as well as create a sense of uniqueness in the space.

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