10 Kitchen Cabinet Door Material Options

August 28, 2018

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts of a kitchen because it’s where we store our food and the tools and equipment we use for food preparation, cooking and dining.

It must always be durable and secured because it keeps our food and kitchen equipment away from dust, protect fragile items from breaking, helps us keep hazardous materials out of children’s reach, and keep our kitchen organized in general.

It also adds value and beauty to a kitchen that is why choosing the best material is a crucial task for every homeowner. Here are ten kitchen cabinet door material options to help you decide on what to use for your refacing project:

10 Kitchen Cabinet Door Material Options


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a manufactured substrate material that is made by joining recycled wood fibers using resin. MDFs have a smooth surface that is great for painting and resistant to cracking and peeling. However, because of its fine particles, it doesn’t hold screws very well. Its screw holes get stripped out over time. Direct water exposure can make it swell too.


Plywood, another manufactured wood, are laminated thin layers of wood that have a higher resistance to moisture than MDFs. Although it is durable, it’s still wood that’s why it’s porous and susceptible to warping.


Particleboards are made by fusing particles like wood chips and sawmill shavings together with resin. Since it is made of light materials, it is easier to transport and install. Just like MDFs, particleboards also don’t hold screws well because of its fine particles.

Red oak

A hardwood that is often used for floorings and furniture, red oak is a great material choice for kitchen cabinets as well. Aside from its durability, it is also well-known for its pronounced grains that make it a perfect fit for traditional and rustic kitchens.

White oak

Although white oak is in the same species as red oak, it is more durable and polished. Its subtle grains and lighter shade fit modern and minimalist kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Material Options


Maple, another hardwood, is a durable material as well. However, it’s not scratch resistant and is sensitive to humidity level changes. When humidity is too low, it is susceptible to shrinkage while if it’s high, it becomes prone to cracking.


Hickory, although more durable than oak and maple, is sensitive to chemicals. That is why you should use gentle cleaning products and avoid harsh chemicals to prevent wood damage.


If you want to make your kitchen warm and appetizing, go for a cherry kitchen cabinet door. Its reddish hue will instantly make your kitchen look cozy and inviting. Although it is a popular material choice because of its color, it can change and darken over time. One cabinet might even turn darker than the other.


Pine is a popular cabinet material choice among homeowners because of its availability in the market. However, it is a softwood, unlike oak, maple, hickory, and cherry, making it prone to dents.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonly used in kitchens of hotels and restaurants because it is low-maintenance, durable, and stain-resistant from the word itself. It also has an urban look that’s perfect for modern and minimalist kitchens. Despite its impressive qualities, some homeowners still refuse to use it because of its cold and lab-like appearance.

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