4 Tips for Organizing Kitchen Island – Infographics

Kitchen islands are often thought of as an independent component, but in reality, it serves as a handy storage area and helps organize several other clusters. Another creative way to design a kitchen with an island is to utilize it as a breakfast bar. This island will enable you to prepare easy meals whenever you’re on the go.

There are many ways you can utilize the space and make your kitchen look attractive and organized at the same time.

4 Tips for Organizing Kitchen Island

Adding Stools and Chairs

If you would like a kitchen island with an eating area, you can place small stools or chairs in that area. There are many options available in the market for this type of kitchen furniture. You can choose the color, size, shape, and even material of the stools or chairs you’ll place on your island. They come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors that will best fit your kitchen.

In this way, you will be able to utilize the space and, at the same time, be able to utilize the storage capacity of the island furniture. Aside from stools or chairs, there are also other kitchen accessories that you can use to maximize the usage of the kitchen island space you have.

Kitchen Islands Can Save Space

Once you have installed the kitchen island, you will notice that it occupies much less floor space than the conventional kitchen tables. This is because the food you will be placed on the island will be kept away from the food dishes and storage cabinets. The food storage area will provide you with sufficient room for your food, utensils, and appliances such as the grill.

You will be able to save a lot of space by using this kind of kitchen furniture. After all, you do not have to have the kitchen table located in the corner of the room if you place an island in the middle of the kitchen.

Organizing You Cookbooks

You can also set up your island with drawers and shelves so that you will be able to keep your cookbooks and other items in order. If you own more cook books, you can even put them inside the drawers and use them according to your convenience. You can also place your small appliances in the drawers so that they will be conveniently located when you will be using them in the kitchen.

Best Places to Install Your Kitchen Island

Since the island can be placed under the kitchen counter, it will be easier for you to reach and utilize during meals time. For those who have small children, you can also place the island below the table to prevent the kids from reaching and touching the cooking area. The island can also be placed beside the dishwasher so that the children will not be tempted to reach beneath the sink to wash their hands. In this way, the child will be prevented from touching the area used for cooking purposes.

It is also a good idea to place a small mat in front of the dishwasher in order to prevent the child from slipping when washing hands on the dirty dishes.

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