5 Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Sink – Infographic

February 1, 2021

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The sink area is considered to be one of the essential workstations that require regular maintenance. According to an article published in CE Center, more than half of the time spent in the kitchen takes place in the sink (60%).

While most kitchen remodeling projects are primarily focused on the aesthetics of storage, countertops, and color palette, going for a more stylish sink can bring the same benefits. There are several design options for kitchen sinks that cater to the need of modern homeowners in terms of size, material, style, and functionality. The most popular sink styles in the market offer these factors in addition to some ergonomic features.

In case you are planning to seek the help of a kitchen remodeling company, here are five designs that you might want to consider for your kitchen sink!

5 Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Sink

Undermount Sink

Mounted at the bottom of a countertop, an undermount sink requires some modifications to your choices in your kitchen countertop’s shape and material. The smooth countertop surface surrounding the sink can easily wipe off dirt and food debris directly into the sink.

Your sink’s visual impact heavily depends on what type of countertop you have, so be sure to talk to your countertop installer to know if your slab is compatible to be installed with an undermount sink.

Integral Sink

As the name suggests, an integral sink is installed in a way that it is designed to be a part of another kitchen unit, such as the countertop. The most common example of this sink design would be a stainless-steel sink, where the countertop is crafted using the same material—a perfect option for modern-style kitchens.

Divided Sinks

Divided sinks that contain either two or three basins are ideal for those who regularly do multitasking when preparing meals. Integrated within a single sink area, owning multiple numbers of basins enhances the efficiency of daily tasks but might need a bit of work in the maintenance department.

Soapstone Sink

For upscale kitchens, soapstone sink is a high-end choice that can provide both durability and elegance in exchange for a high price. It can be mounted similar to an undermount sink, which looks better when paired with a fellow countertop made from soapstone.

Deep Bowl Sink

Deep bowl sinks are versatile sink design that allows larger kitchen items such as pots and pans to be washed in its large basin. Another benefit of a deep bowl sink is that it can hide any unsightly stuff lingering on your drain.

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