5 Kitchen Safety Tips – Infographic

Safety must always be the utmost priority of everyone in any given time and place. Even inside the premises of your household. Your kitchen, for example, is arguably the one most prone to certain hazards and dangers that can compromise the safety of your family.

Being the center of daily chores and main storage for random stuff, it is highly vital for any household owner to be aware of the simplest precautionary measures to be practiced while working in the kitchen.

Here are five of the easiest kitchen safety tips you can do to avoid any unnecessary accidents and damages within the comfort of your home.

5 Kitchen Safety Tips

Tip# 1: Keep those pot holders, dish towels, and oven mitts away from the stove.

Leaving your used pot holders and other cloth materials near the stove especially if it’s still burning is definitely a bad idea. Cloths can easily catch fire, so always remember to put them back on their designated storage spaces right after using them.

It is also advisable to get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen.

Tip# 2: Store your knives and other cutting tools on a rack or a drawer.

The best way to store all of your knives is to pick the place that is not within reach of children, but it shall be somewhere that will be comfortable to you. If you choose to stack them inside a drawer, make sure that it’s NOT on an elevated location where you have to extend your arms just to reach them. But if you have a rack, better make use of it.

Tip# 3: Clean every spill on the floor immediately.

To avoid any injury due to someone accidentally stepping on a wet and slippery floor, never let those spills dangling on your kitchen floor for too long. Slippery floors are especially dangerous for children, elderly, and pregnant women.

If your kids left any toys on the floor, take them out as well.

Tip# 4: Never let temperature-sensitive foods linger in the kitchen table.

Foods such as meat, dairy products, and fish could spoil pretty fast due to certain changes in the temperature. Always put them back to the fridge if there’s any leftover around.

Tip# 5: Have a list of emergency numbers at hand.

Collect all the contact numbers of your local fire station, hospital, and emergency hotline. You can have them posted on your fridge with a sticky note so that you can easily see them in case anything goes wrong.

Being vigilant at all times is a mark of a responsible house owner. Take heed of these five tips so you can move on with your kitchen tasks worry-free!

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