5 Kitchen Style Ideas for Enhancing your Kitchen Island – Infographic

Often located at the center of the kitchen, the island is the area typically dedicated to engaging social interactions. It is also considered to be one of the most versatile kitchen units because of its capabilities of providing additional storage and space for either serving or preparing foods. For many open-concept kitchens, the island serves as the boundary that separates the kitchen to other living areas.

If you’re planning for a kitchen remodeling project, it is essential to consider paying attention to the style of your kitchen island. To help you create an efficient focal point right in the middle of your layout, here are five stylish ideas for giving that kitchen island of yours an upgrade!

5 kitchen style ideas for enhancing your kitchen island - Infographic

Matching the Color of the Island and the Cabinets

Are you having some difficulties when choosing a color for your cupboards? Try to take advantage of this opportunity by pairing it with the color of your kitchen island. A nice example of this idea is a dark gray island surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing set of bright white cabinets. Such a color combination looks so balanced and welcoming to the eyes, as you can see in the photo.

Establish a Multi-purpose Kitchen Island

Set up multiple chairs on one side of the counter to give your family and guests a sweet spot for making conversations, while the other side can be installed with a butcher block countertop for meal preparations.

A Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

In case you fancy a rustic design, you can opt for a kitchen island with a touch of farmhouse style. Just add a number of wooden chairs to your island and to make it better, and install a brown quartz countertop to complete the farmhouse look.

Replace Normal Chairs with Navy Stools

Navy or bar stools are excellent chairs for kitchen islands that follow a transitional style. Since these stools looked modern enough, you can match them with a timeless design of kitchen island, such as the one with dark stained cabinets.

Modifying the Shape of the Island

Having a unique kitchen island requires you to change its shape into something that is unconventional and yet complements your existing layout. Make sure to discuss this with your kitchen remodeling contractor since modifying the shape of a kitchen island can take a lot of work, though rest assured that proper planning could make this option a worthy investment indeed.

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